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  1. Maybe there is a node in Houdini, but I have node idea which one. Indeed, in the code all points are put into one row. If this is not what you want, you need to be more specific and it runs over all incoming points.
  2. Building PC for VFX and motion graphics

    More ram for vfx.
  3. You can use a python node with some simple code to export your data as you can see in the attached image.
  4. Cool, good to know.
  5. You cannot retrieve point attribute components this way, you will have to read the vector and then as you already know, use the component from this vector.
  6. Yes, that should be possible. If I'm not mistaken a karmaocean lop node is created together with the ocean in sops. Inside karmaocean lop network you can find a material library with the oceansurface shader and somewhere inside there is a `ocean_samplelayers` node which has an input called `samplepos`. You can try to add your offet before the transform input.
  7. You should be able to check the attribute data type via node info. Then you could use this type to access the contents. How did you import the json data?
  8. Maya to Solaris workflow

    You can use a multishot workflow in Maya as well with RenderSetup. It's not as flexible as in Solaris, but it should work. But for Solaris, if you export an Arnold USD, did you try to load it directly into Solaris without first loading in sops?
  9. Reduce Alembic animation filesize

    I'm not completely sure what exactly is happening in your network, but as soon as you have some prim or point based animations, it will be heavy to reduce the abc filesize. If possible, you could animate points instead of full geometry and then later use a copyToPoints sop to transfer the animation. This would only work if no prims are involved in the animation.
  10. Reduce Alembic animation filesize

    If you set the "Packed Transform" in the alembic "Geometry" tab to "Transform Geometry" instead of "Deform Geometry" you can save some diskspace. And don't forget to delete the unneeded attribute from the geometry.
  11. change velocity vector pass to be relative to camera

    Which renderer?
  12. The Dop Node parameter should be set to the dop object node, in your case the node named "Pyro".
  13. Using TOPS network to cache out multiple sims.

    If I use the sop path /obj/fire_presets1/fire_import/SIM_OUT instead of your /obj/fire_presets1 it works for me.
  14. Sorry for the late reply, I didn't see your answer. If you create a pyro sop solver and have a look at the sourcing, you see that it has an "burn" and "flame" input. The new pyro solver works in a way that it uses a scalar field called "flame" to create temperature, smoke and expansion. And you can add temperature as well. But in your setup, you do not have an flame input and and no temperature input because you do not have a temperature scalar field or flame scalar field in your inputs.
  15. Well, since your smoke color is black and you do not have any temperature in your temperature field or in the flame field, the result becomes black. If you do not need the temperature or flame you can simply set the smoke color in the pyrosolver sop node.