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  1. Hi guys, I am learning crowd simulation at the moment, which is suoer fun. With the premade Mocap Bipeds, all works fantastic. But when I create an agent out of an FBX from Mixamo, it gets super weird. When I try to set up everything for the ragdoll, the collision layer shows me that bones are missing. Why is that? Did you ever experience that? Also the question? To I always have to set up the joints from scratch? Is there no autmatic mode that kind of defines the moving angles? Thank you so much!! Patrick
  2. Hi there, I already asked this question in the SideFx Forums -Maybe im lucky here! I created some fur on a sphere. (Doesn't matter, where I create it on, the error is always the same.) In the direction of one spot, the hair is getting thinner and I dont know why. Even if I generate it on a cube, the same happens. the strange thing is, that all the guides look completely good. Can anyone help? Thx in advance!
  3. Hair & Fur - Flickering Frizz in Animation

    Here is the flickering: seq_[1-27].mp4
  4. Hey people, I want to animate a kind of toy fur. I am using a normal fur setup and the simulation works as expected. In the hair generation, I use some frizz to get the desired look. The problem is, that the hair generate (containing the frizz) is after the simulation. So when I render the animation, the frizz is going crazy, like flickering and more. How would you approach this kind of animation? Because, when I use frizz in the guide groom, it doesnt give me the desired look... Thank you so much! Patrick
  5. Hair & Fur Problem - Skin Attribute not paintable

    Thank you! Can you explain a little bit more about the second process? I know I’m a bit of a noob... how do I set up the base surface so, that I can have guides only on the areas I want them? and how do I use the skin attribute lookup? I can’t get it to work... thanks so much!
  6. Hey guys! I have a huge problem. I am working on a last minute client project. It is in general just a grid with fur on it. The fur is moving with subtle turbulence in the wind. I have to implement some toy-eyes in it, which the hair should collide with. So I created a vdb collision in the guide groom. The problem is, that I have frizz in the hair generator, which goes crazy, when I animte it.Jiggling and shaking... Because its hair behind the eye. So i thought, I just use the guide length and peint out the areas of the eye, so there is no hair behind it anymore. But it doesnt work. Whenever I want to paint the skin attribute, it gives me the following errors. How can I get rid of that? I tried everything. Even with a completely new file? And how would you in general approch a hair simulation with an integrated obect? Im desperate A F... Thank you so much! Her the files: