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  1. Vellum - animated Pin to Target?

    Thank you so much, Jim! I managed to make it work (more or less:) ) using vellumconstraintproperty. Was trying to wrap my head around sop solver method when a message from you came. This was my first question on this forum and you made it into a really pleasant experience, what a great community! thank you again animate pin to target2.hipnc
  2. Vellum - animated Pin to Target?

    I'm trying to do this in Houdini 18, using Solver SOP inside of a vellum solver. I'm succeeding at transfering attributes using object merge and attribute copy node, however it seems like it just ignores @stretchstiffness attribute, even though it's clear from Geometry Spreadsheet, that it IS being trunsfered:/ Can anybody explain why? animate pin to target.hipnc