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  1. Windmill Lane Vfx looking for Fx TDs

    Hi all ... We've got a few guys joining us but we're still looking for a couple more. If anyone's interested have a look at the link above.
  2. Windmill Lane Vfx are look to hire Fx TDs to join our team in Dublin for numerous upcoming projects. If you're interested please take a look at the following: http://www.iftn.ie/jobs/filmtvjob/?act1=record&aid=18&rid=2383&only=1&force=1&tpl=jobslist
  3. I'm throwing together a quick test and was wondering if anyone knew if displacements were possible when you turn on "Render as points"? From what I've seen so far, when I turn this on I lose any displacement. I didn't know if anyone knew of a quick solution before I dive into it a bit deeper? Thanks a lot, Tim
  4. "Pyroclastic noise" demystified

    Hi Julien, I'm actually using a volume gradient. I'm fairly happy with it but I just can't seem to get the definition in the lower level noises as they are in the paper. Maybe it's just a case of playing with the noise functions a little. I might try and give it a go with the method you used in your example file.
  5. "Pyroclastic noise" demystified

    The file might be helpful cloudTest.mov
  6. "Pyroclastic noise" demystified

    Hi guys, I've been working on this for the last few days and just thought I'd share some results. Any comments are more than welcome. I've pretty much followed the A-Team paper to the letter. I haven't added the gridless advection to this one but think I've got a nice way to do that. If I get a chance I'll see if I can post an example with that in to see the difference.
  7. Colored Shadow Pass

    I'm not 100% sure if this is correct so someone may want to double check me on this but I've been doing some work in mental ray for maya and have also been getting a coloured shadow pass. The reason for this is to accomodate for the colour of the lights. I've posted a few images to help explain what I mean. There's a white sphere on a white ground plane with a red light on to the left and a green light to the right both of which are casting shadows. If we were to multiple a direct diffuse pass with a simple matte shadow we would just be darkening down the areas in which the shadows occur. However, the shadowed area created by the green light is still being illuminated by the red light and vice versa. We therefore only want to remove the green light's contribution from the shadow it casts and the red light's contribution from its shadow. The coloured shadow image plane allows for correct compositing of shadows. Rather than multiplying the shadows they are in fact subtracted from the direct diffuse pass. You can see from the shadowColour that we would be subtracting the areas where there is no green and red illumination. I hope this makes sense. If I'm wrong then please someone let me know but this is what I've found in mental ray and I'm assuming that something similar is going on with mantra. Tim
  8. embed metadata into EXRs

    Not to worry. I've just discovered that you have to render this from the mantra node and not just to mplay in order to get it to embed the information. Thanks anyway.
  9. embed metadata into EXRs

    Sorry for reviving this but I'm trying to do something similar at the moment. I just want to write simple metadata into an exr file. I assume this is done using the vm_image_comment parameter but I can't seem to get it working. Has anyone had any experience with this? Thanks
  10. It appears that it's not the sphere in the scene which is causing the shadow. When I turn this off I still get the two square shadows on the floor.
  11. Thanks Symek, That's working but I'm getting square shadows now. Sorry to be a pain but you don't have any idea why this is?
  12. Ok I've just managed to get this working on the scene I'm actually doing. I've no idea what I'm doing differently but it appears to be working. Still, if anyone could help with the hip I've posted above that would be good.
  13. oops... here we go. lightInstancing.hip
  14. Here's a file. I've been trying numerous different ways to achieve this but can't seem to get it working. I'm sure I must be doing something silly. This particular file doesn't get the mantra error but I still can't seem to get depth mapped shadows on the instances. The only thing you'll have to do is change the path for the shadow maps. Thanks for any help.
  15. Yeah, that's exactly what I've got but for some reason I'm getting that error. Ive even tried it with a light template instead but that is giving some odd results. I can use a blur shadow shader to get soft shadows but these are proving to be rather time consuming to render.