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  1. Mid to Senior Houdini FX TD London

    We are Otomo FX, a VFX company based in London that speacialises in procedural animation and motion graphics. Please check out our website: otomofx.com We are looking for mid and senior freelance houdini artists to work with us creatively on RnD for an upcoming feature film. Proven FX experience on feature films is essential. In particular, knowledge of large scale destruction sims is a benefit but also being a well rounded Houdini artist with good problem solving ability is important. Additional knowledge of Nuke and work in motion graphics is a plus. The position is to work with us in London however we will consider remote work as a possibility. Please apply with your reel to info@otomofx.com Thank you!
  2. Otomo FX

    Hello! We're a small shop based in London and run on Houdini, Redshift and Nuke. We've always wanted to use Houdini and its huge potential to push motion graphic design work within film and also incorporate it into VR. We wanted to get ourselves out there a bit more and this seems to be the Hub for everything Houdini. Please check out our showreel below, and feedback is most appreciated! Our website can be found at otomofx.com