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  1. If your PC is watercooled, I think the processor will be safer at the motherboard than the cables of the watercooler hitting everything! If is an air cooler, best probably to remove the processor, the shaking along with the mass of the dissipator may cause some problem.
  2. FX Artist Positions at DIGIC PICTURES

    Nice, I've just applied!
  3. How to use Labs Decal Projector?

    a tip, there's a github from sidefx labs containing examples: https://github.com/sideeffects/SideFXLabs/tree/Development/hip
  4. Mouse causing hand wrist pain

    Before I was a FX, I was a gamer ahahaha, and a few tips on the mouse: The mouse should cover your whole hand, meaning your wrist should not touch the desk! Also I always use a right handed mouse, I use the PC for 12 hours a day and never suffered pain on my hands/wrist! Watching the posture, monitor on the line of the eyes and a good chair also makes a lot of difference.
  5. Tensorflow-Smoke-Stylization

    How much time took per frame?! I downloaded that but couldn't test it
  6. Workflow for RBD fracture/destruction

    If the Debris Source don't work, the qLib has a Debris Source QL which for me worked like a charm! FYI
  7. I'm sorry, didn't checked the thread again those days! Uploaded now on WeTransfer: https://we.tl/t-L8oUL8Vsg2 But glad they helped you!
  8. I have a file that I tried to do that: https://icedrive.net/0/9f6kRkcrM1
  9. Mouse causing hand wrist pain

    Well, for my experience, using a good mouse and he need to ''fit' in your hand! When I was 14, I started to have some pains as described in the post, after that I never again used a cheap mouse (or a mouse that makes my wrist touch the table, the bottom of my hand must be on air), and the pain never returned! Ergonomics matter a lot! As models there's the Microsoft 3.0v2 which I like a lot!
  10. Sim realistic clouds

    Hi, there's one dude who made a tutorial some days ago to sim a cloud, he made on stream: There are a lot of good techniques that he used!