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  1. Mouse causing hand wrist pain

    Before I was a FX, I was a gamer ahahaha, and a few tips on the mouse: The mouse should cover your whole hand, meaning your wrist should not touch the desk! Also I always use a right handed mouse, I use the PC for 12 hours a day and never suffered pain on my hands/wrist! Watching the posture, monitor on the line of the eyes and a good chair also makes a lot of difference.
  2. Tensorflow-Smoke-Stylization

    How much time took per frame?! I downloaded that but couldn't test it
  3. Workflow for RBD fracture/destruction

    If the Debris Source don't work, the qLib has a Debris Source QL which for me worked like a charm! FYI
  4. I'm sorry, didn't checked the thread again those days! Uploaded now on WeTransfer: https://we.tl/t-L8oUL8Vsg2 But glad they helped you!
  5. I have a file that I tried to do that: https://icedrive.net/0/9f6kRkcrM1
  6. Mouse causing hand wrist pain

    Well, for my experience, using a good mouse and he need to ''fit' in your hand! When I was 14, I started to have some pains as described in the post, after that I never again used a cheap mouse (or a mouse that makes my wrist touch the table, the bottom of my hand must be on air), and the pain never returned! Ergonomics matter a lot! As models there's the Microsoft 3.0v2 which I like a lot!
  7. Sim realistic clouds

    Hi, there's one dude who made a tutorial some days ago to sim a cloud, he made on stream: There are a lot of good techniques that he used!