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  1. Hi everyone, I have some trees geometry and I need to add to them some high frequancy noise without simulating. The idea is that a big creature is approaching and it causes the branches to shake. How would you achieve that?
  2. How to shape the points following a curve

    Hi everyone, I have some points that follow a curve and I want to control the shape of the tip of this stream of points. I want it to be like the tip of an arrow, so the points at the tip converge toward the center (so towards the curve). I guess I should use the @curveu attribute and a ramp, but I'm not sure.
  3. Hi, I have some particles stick on an animated object, wherever it goes the particles keep their position. Now, what I need is these particles to "walk" on the surface of this object like they were insects. How can I achieve this effect? Thanks!
  4. Remove particles since first frame

    Hi everyone, Let's say I have some particles following a motion path. Towards the end of the sim some particles start to be too fast. Since for the scene I'm working on the number of particles has to be constant from first to last frame, how can I delete them from the beginning? It's a big sim so I can't delete the manually. Thanks!
  5. Keep Parameter upper range value below another value

    Thank you! That's exactly what I was looking for
  6. Hi everyone, Maybe the title isn't accurate. Basically, I'm editing the parameter interface of a tool I created, it consists of a main building and a terrace, I want to say to Houdini that I want to keep the maximum value of the slider that controls the number of floors of the terrace always below the value of floors of the main building. Also, if the user tries to give to the terrace a value bigger than the main buildng floors, it has to go back to the value buildingFloors-1 . How can I achieve that? Example: buildingFloors = 7 terraceFloors = 4 if I try to set terraceFloors = 9 it must set itself to terraceFloors = 6
  7. Export RBD Inside/Outside groups to Maya

    Hi there, I'm working on a project where I need to import in Maya from Houdini an RBD simulation of a collapsing tower. I will project a texture on the outside of the tower and assign another material to the inside of the fracture. For this reason I need both the groups separated in Maya (with their UVs). How can I do that? I've tried exporting as Alembic but the sim in Maya appears as a unique object. I would really appreciate if someone can share a nice workflow for that. Cheers! Albus
  8. Hi there, So basically I have this exhaust smoke sim coming out from a flying drone. I would like the end of the smoke trail to dissolve nicely like it happens in the real world. In my sim this doesn't happen because the trail after 33 frames starts to be cut by the bounding box in a “sharp” way as you can see from the pictures. Unfortunately, I can't share the scene but let me know if you need more information. The solvers's shape settings are: dissipation 0.08, disturbance 6, shredding 0.05, sharpening 0.5, turbulence 0.15. Thanks.
  9. Hi there, Let's say I have two exhausts that emit smoke. The smoke is emitted from two spheres inside the exhausts, but they are animated so both exhausts and spheres change direction. How can I make the spheres emit the smoke always in a parallel direction to the exhausts? Thanks!
  10. How to cache a really heavy flip sim ?

    Yes, I was reading about the checkpoints method, but I'm not sure how to use them. Tell me if I'm wrong about the procedure: - I check the "save checkpoints" in the cache folder of the dop - I specify the path for the .sim files - I call these .sim files in the "Initial State" of the dop node (?) I'm not sure about the last one, but I'm sure that the dop node must read the .sim from somewhere, right? Should I check/uncheck something else?
  11. Hello, I have a really heavy flip sim of a river (around 101 millions of particles), I'm working on my final project for my master's degree. At my uni I can use only during the night as much computers as I want, each of them with 64gb ram. Since it's not possible to use the renderfarm for caches,I obviously thought to use more computers and render on each of them a specific frame range (470 frames total). The problem is that everytime a computer will start to cache, Houdini will always start to calculate the sim from the frame 1 and it will take the same huge amount of time, so what's the point to use more computers? Am I wrong? What kind of procedure would you use? p.s. keep in mind I cannot leave the computer caching after the night.
  12. Hi everyone, I've imported an animated camera from Maya to Houdini, but I would like to scale it along with the geometry in order to keep the proportions. Basically, I want the final proportions to match the ones that geometry and camera have if I remove the transform node “transform1” before the GEO_OUT. Thanks in advance! Alley_test_03.hipnc
  13. Hi Everyone, I'm a student and I'm working on a project in which I need to recreate a scene similar to a Venice's canal. So I'll have buldings on both sides and water between them. There will be also a flying object that will fall and collide with water. This is the first time I work with water inside Houdini. What I need to know is what is the best workflow? I'll create a custom geometry in Maya for the container of the water, it will be an irregular shape. How do I set it as a container? Since there will be a collision, I think the best solution for water is to use FLIP fluids, right? Also if I use this way I will have many particles, so what is the best way to proceed in terms of memory, simulation and rendering? Attached you can find a really rough sketch of the idea. Thanks in advance.
  14. Smoke keeps expanding

    Thanks Atom, unfortunately I started using Houdini 3 weeks ago, so this is my first project. Anyway I'll work more on it, I've already fixed some stuff. Thanks again!
  15. Smoke keeps expanding

    Hi there, I'm working on a RBD destruction, but after the collision the smoke continues to expand. It should be a dusty smoke because there are not fire explosions.. I tried many ways, but it keeps expanding in the scene. I basically keyframed the emission of the smoke from the debris and it gives a nice shape to the smoke. What would you suggest? Attached you can find my scene. Thanks in advance! Tower_19_03_maybe_05.hipnc