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  1. [REDSHIFT]FBX Import Helper

    could you tell please what should I select to get your script work? I create shelf tool, change path to texture folder and subnet and click... but nothing happens
  2. Thank you very much!
  3. Has anyone used Karma render for exterior renderings? I was thinking to buy or not to buy redshift license. Are this two render tools compareble?
  4. trying to solve equation but cant get right result is there any way to get angle if I already know sin(alpha)? in highscool we used tables to get that, but how to do that in code? @a = degrees(asin(sin(20))); shouldnt I get 20 degrees back? why @a = 65,91 ? Thanks
  5. Hi! I am trying to do simulation using crowd system. Agents should decide wich 1 of 3 splines to choose depends on smallest popgroup number in destination point. Could anybody help with VEX in popwrangle? Hier is a scheme attached. I think to use splines because houdini has not navmesh like unreal engine has. And navmesh as far I know just splits polygones and draw optimal spline on its chunks in direction of movement. This should simulate 3 lines in a shop. Agents should go where is not to much people waiting