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  1. Hello, hopefully someone can help. I have a creature exported from Maya as an Alembic where some of the normals were reversed. I’ve blasted out groups of those points and reversed the normals, then merged them back in. It works fine on frame 1, but as I scrub time the point numbering changes, so the points defined in the group are wrong. Can I make the numbering stick so groups work? What would a Houdini artist do? I’m primarily a Maya artist, and in Maya the CVs ID doesn’t change. Could it be to do with how I exported the alembic? I don't have a Maya licence at home so can't easily re-export to check the options.
  2. Thanks David, I'd rather learn the Houdini way than transpose a load of destructive Maya habits. I'll give this a go today, thank you for helping.
  3. Apologise for noob questions, I've only about 100hrs of Houdini so far, after over a decade of Maya use as a lighting TD. I have a file SOP of kitbash models from the link below. The come in as one mesh, obviously I'd like them as individual objects at the origin with centered pivots. There's no polySeparate, of course - but I can select points and modify-tab > extract and then in the object_merge node select transform: into Specified Object But this kitBash SOP has a hundred things in it. So: How would I go through all the separated hulls and create new objects from each? Sounds like a job for a Python, which is probably how I'd approach this in Maya. "for each hull in fileSop:" kind of thing. I realise there's the 'Maya' way of thinking I need to kinda drop, but at the moment it's the only way I know. Thanks in advance! Obj from here : https://gumroad.com/olegushenok