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  1. Creating procedural curves

    Hi. I found a good resource. I want to make a curve. Curve like image. I would like to know if there is any other way that is easy to modify, other than how I draw the curves myself. Thank you.
  2. Setting the edge color

    Oh! That was it. Sorry, I am not good at English. I will refer to your answers. Thanks.
  3. Setting the edge color

    You are very kind. Thank you.
  4. Setting the edge color

    Um ... I don't understand, but I will render the edge colors individually as paths. And I am trying to give glow effect in comp.
  5. Setting the edge color

    Ultimately, what I want to do is the edge that I want in geometry to shine. Or ... it's to specify the color. (Like image) I am not sure if my approach is right. Thank you for answer.
  6. Setting the edge color

    Sorry to ask you again, but maybe .. Is there a good way to select the edge I want? Thank you.
  7. Setting the edge color

    haha!! WoW !!! It was helpful. Thank you !!!
  8. Setting the edge color

    I tried using converline, but still not. (It is difficult to understand the function of the converline.) Could you share your hip file? Thank you.
  9. Setting the edge color

    I grouped the edges and colored them, but that's not what I want. I want the color to enter only the edge I want as shown in the picture 1. And I want to apply this to the shader and use it as a path. What should I do? Thank you.
  10. About vellum's weld constaint

    I was missing a lot. Thank you so much for your help !!
  11. About vellum's weld constaint

    Thank you very much for the answer! I think i know a little now. I tried this. However, some parts are not cut off. Can you help me? Thank you. saliva_test_2.hipnc
  12. About vellum's weld constaint

    Thanks for the reply. But I don't understand. I want to break the line.( By making some conditions ...) Grouped points to be cut and used a weld constraint, but this has no effect. I am not sure how to use it. Thank you. ( I am using Houdini version 17.5.)
  13. About vellum's weld constaint

    Hello, everyone. I am working on a saliva. I want to work with vellum ... The split does not break even when using weld. Look at my hip file and let me know what's wrong. Thank you. saliva_test.hipnc
  14. Wire solver from moving lines

    Hi! I'm also studying saliva. I'm setting up using vellum ... Could you share your hip file? I think it will help me a lot. Or tell us the tips and information you've been looking for. Attach my hip file. Please advise. Thank you. saliva_test.hipnc
  15. Hello, everyone! I have a question about shaders. Like in the image ... It should shine like a lava shader. For example ... I want to give a feeling of shining from the inside. It's like seeing inside a ghost's body. I don't know if the explanation is enough, but ... Could you tell me what keyword to search for? Is it just necessary to adjust the transparency of the mantra shader? Thank you.