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  1. How to Copy Houdini's Mantra to Nuke

    just need to load rendered image. Should this python code apply to both Houdini and Nuke? I want to have the image load when I copy the mantra to Houdini and paste it into Nuke. Thank you.
  2. Hi. I have an image rendered with Mantra in Houdini. Please let me know if there is a way to do it with a python script. Do you know how to copy only this mantra node to Nuke and that image can be loaded directly from Nuke? Thank you.
  3. Help with volume retime issues.

    I solved the retime problem by simulating a 24FPS operation to 96FPS and then turning it back to 24FPS. But I don't think this is a perfect solution... 1. When there is only density, if I use the retime node, the feeling that the quality has decreased every frame repeats. 2. When there is a field other than density. In the case of an explosion, the fire will flicker. Is there anybody to help? Thank you.
  4. Hi. I'm going to try vellum grain! After creating vellumsource in dop 1. Put only geo(../GEO) source in the sop path of the source and 2. Put geo source in sop path and constraint(../CON) source in constraint sop path in two places. Will the vellumsolver work differently? When I test, the result value seems to be the same, but method 1 is wrong, and I heard that the constraint source must be added to the constraint sop path like method 2. If there is any difference, please let me know what it is. Thank you.
  5. meshing fractals

    Thank you!
  6. meshing fractals

    Hi! Your work is so cool! I'm looking for fractal noise and it's difficult. Could you please share the hip file with me? Thank you.
  7. Hello. I'm making an explosion. It is an explosion that enters a plate shot at high speed. I am wondering how to approach it.. Is it necessary to retime after adjusting the time scale slowly from the beginning of simulation work? And there is a problem that can't be solved, such as flickering or interruption in the volume when retime is performed. Does anyone have any advice on this? Thank you.
  8. Hello. I'm going to use the sparse pyro that comes with version 18. However, I want to apply the pump vel to the sparse pyro, but it does not apply. (I brought a pump vel to the source volume and used it, but it cannot be applied.) If anyone knows what to do, let me know. Thank you.
  9. Oh my god... I was impressed with your kindness. It has helped me a lot. Thank you very much!!
  10. Thanks for sharing. Is it part2 too?
  11. Hello. @k2p8 This is a basic question... I'm not sure what upres do. Does it change low resolution to high resolution? If anyone knows, let me know. Thanks if you let me know.
  12. Hello. This is my reference. I want to create a saliva or slime effect using vellum. I tested it in two ways. But the first way the animation doesn't work in dopnet. The second method is that a single stem in the broken line is not affected by gravity. Attach the hip file here. Maybe it's a simple problem, but I don't know how to fix it... Please help me what is the problem. And please give me some advice on how to approach it similarly to that video. (Or, if you have related data, please share.) Thank you. vellum_test_help.hiplc
  13. Questions about the bullet solver

    Hi I used bullet solver in dopnet. As a result, the pieces come out. It doesn't simulate correctly (like pushing each other). Any tips on this? I used 'primitive node' to reduce the size of the pieces before doing the simulation so that there are fewer collisions.
  14. Hi. Here's a moving hammer. (Use some of the Houdini test modeling) Node is like this.. When I use a connect adjacent piece, the information value changes when the frame changes. 1 frame and 3 frames were captured. It looks like finding the wrong picture, but if you look closely, the line has been created and then disappeared. I am trying to create a glue constraint for this, but I got this error. How do I fix it? Thank you.
  15. Hi! Left: High poly Right: Low poly And this is animated. Simulate an animated low poly. And replaced by high poly... (low poly -> high poly..) Do you understand? Thank you for the reply.