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  1. Hello, everyone. I have a rendering problem and can't figure out the reason. Doing a simple test of box rendering using mantra, and there are hard edge of rendering when the camera angle is changed. (can see the red highlight area in attachment) Light is simple just an default environment light and camera also a default one. Do you guy have any idea how this problems happened? Thank you! Wish you guy have happy new year!! cheers, Ricky
  2. It works! That's really help! Thank you!!
  3. Hello, everyone. I got a problem from mantra render, but can't figure out the reasons. i tried to render a sequence of exr from mantra, objects are basic, just a grid and sphere, and mantra setting are totally simple as a default setting. Render resolution is setting to 1280 x 720, and rendering seems fine as well as what i see in preview.(picture 1) However, the resolution of this sequence is totally different (become 1280x443 in AE) when i imported this to After Effect.(picture 2) The resolution in AE seems only counting the area that have pixels, and cutting off the area having no color and no alpha. Not quite sure what's problem are, even i tried several different render setting. How can i make a sequence look correctly as what i previewed in houdini? (1280x720) Is that the problem of mantra rendering setting or AE setting? Thank you!! cheers, Ricky
  4. Export Alembic Sequnce To Maya

    It works now! Thank you so much!!
  5. Export Alembic Sequnce To Maya

    like this then import to maya like this : But can't import as an sequence like this :
  6. Hello, everyone. Got a problem to import Houdini abc to maya. For some reason i have to past alembic sequence to maya for rendering. My step is like this, I was firstly using ROP_alembic to export an alembic sequence, then import this to maya. However, all i can import is just a simple frame of alembic. Do you guy know how to import this alembic as an sequence to maya? Thank you!! Ricky Yau
  7. Just like the tilte, after simulation in Houdini, if i want to export the simulated data to maya, what's kind of file should be created in Houdini, so that i can import to maya. (obj? sim? bgeo? ... etc) Maybe there are serveral ways i can do , but what's method is better?
  8. Import From Maya

    I see, thank You very much!!
  9. Challenge : Rubix Cube

    hello, everybody, i am a new user. it's interesting, let me try it, thx!!
  10. Import From Maya

    Hi, everybody, i am a new user of houdini 9. I am trying to import geometry from maya to Houdini. However, i don't knwo how to do this. Actually, maybe i can import a .obj file to houdini (am i right?), but how can i create a .obj from maya (since i can't find this file type option). Please help, everybody!! Thank you very much!!