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  1. Find parameter value from list to use in expression

    Hey - okay awesome, I'm not too sure what wedge or PDG are... Can you elaborate, thanks very much for your help.
  2. Find parameter value from list to use in expression

    Hey guys, Thanks for the reply's - the issue is that I need this to run through a blend shapes so that each state is recorded as a morph target when exported to FBX, I don't think there other options will achieve this. So both your solutions are great options, but won't achieve the results I need for this workflow. Thanks again,
  3. Hi all, I'm trying to build a setup that allows me to input an unknown number of blends into a blend shape SOP and will cycle through each blend state one by one based on the current frame number. So I was imaginging it would go something like this: if($F == *myCurrentInputNumber*, 1, 0); I've achieved this by doing it manually by cutting and pasting my expression and incrementing the value by 1 for each input, but I'd like to have a setup that does for me based on how many inputs I have connected to my blend shapes. Any ideas about how to referecne numerical value of each shape in an expression? Thanks in advance