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  1. SOLVED. it was the render flag (right click on visibility tag) activate render flag Sorry i am a newbie Have nice day. Daniel
  2. hi, i try to render an object inside a subnetwork and it dosen't work anymore i don't understand why. Thank you for your help
  3. hi, I try to get the Bounding Box left,right,top,bottom position from the object front at the camera i achieve to get the front and back distance so the camera is the oriented vector, and i triy to get BBox.x,y from this oriented vector I am sure it's really easy, but a newbiee on Houdini 2(week) ... but it'S AMMMAIIZZING !!! i Love it Thank you for your help Hava a nice day Best Regards Daniel vector myptCamera = point(1, "P", 0); float minDist = 9999; float maxDist = -1; float minLeft = 0; float maxRight = 0; // callcule le point le plus proche et le plus loins de la camera for(int i = 0 ;i < @numpt; i++ ){ vector myPtDest = point(0, "P", i); float dist = distance(myPtDest, myptCamera); if (minDist > dist){ minDist = dist; } if (maxDist < dist){ maxDist = dist; } } @minDist = minDist; @maxDist = maxDist; camera_BBox.hiplc