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  1. would like to use Arnold in Houdini can anybody tell me how to get the Arnold ROP?
  2. thank you for the detail post but how to get the additional dsm parameters up where they have to be used i use to think to have individual output drivers with dsm parameters added..
  3. shading q is 8 and its micropolygon rendering... Im just doubtful that im rendering the deep shadows or depth map.. I have the following setting in the lights.. 1. Lights having the deepresolve attribute and the dsm file name where I can put the dsm name. 2. In the Mantra output tab added the deepresolve attribute and dsm name but just got confused which one to use... If its Mantra i think we need to use as many cams as lights? or its enough if we declare the deepreolver in lights itself? whats the way?..
  4. we want to standardize on creating some digital assets but we dont want the artists to get into the subnet and break something. At the same time alot of proprietary stuff to be preserved within the studio. Is there anyway to do that
  5. here is the info .. deep shadows 1k render the shadow maps first and then render the base render with mesh or fur pixel filter triangle for fur shading samples 8x8 reducing the opacity at tips to very low giving softer results... overall i just felt the render speed is relatively slower when compared to 3delight probably i feel mantra is generating fur procedurally first which is taking more time
  6. ive benchmarked 3delight and Mantra and I found in mesh renders Mantra is atleast 40 % faster and the level of detail that we get with the same pixel filters is higher in Mantra. Especially when its reflection its super detail Initially i thought it might be becoz of filters but finally realized that its becoz of the engine. For a given time frame i felt mantra doing best quality. Even memory foot print util is also lesser when compared to other renderers... we are not speaking Mental ray or Maya software renders since they dont even come close in it flexibility. But mantra is pretty good.
  7. im trying to implement in houdini itself lets see if things work we will stick on to Mantra or need to do different things..
  8. Marschner hair model

    cool can there be per specular... and how about the illumination loops? the only color channel is for multiplying the ambient occlusion with color pass can you integrate these into the shader so that it becomes pretty usable.
  9. Marschner hair model

    is it possible to get illum loops? the shader seems to work fine and does decent output but what about the following passes.. 1. color pass 2. Primary spec 3. Sec spec 4. Scatter is there any way to get this because cant see the vex code in that..
  10. Marschner hair model

    do these support deep shadows? is this shader raytracing?
  11. In the process of tradeoff between H and 3delight fur where we love the speed and quality of Polygons being rendered by Mantra but only prob is that the fur is taking more time than it takes in 3delight what it seems to me. But whats ur opinion guys I love everything to be done in Houdini but just for fur reason I need to use 3delight... nothing else.. any suggestions please... someone rendered fur from Houdini http://houdini-howto.com/files/fur_06.jpg have a look its pretty decent looking fur but not a soft fur look.
  12. fur R&D

    what render time did it take to render this scene? how many lights were used? which shader did u use to get this look? did u built anything of your own? or the one which is ready in the Houdini? can u share the hip file of this so that we can observe what you have done to get this look but its pretty nice looking..
  13. hi mawi thanks alot its rendering now but there is one problem. Its rendering whats its displaying in the viewport but not anything beyond it. The characters will have few million fur strands. I tried tweaking the parameters of display density / render density but im getting only what i see whats the way to see only few strands and render in more dense env..
  14. Hey sanostol your post no 555 awesome no man.. and thanks alot for the reply ill trying using that...
  15. yeah ive tried using this one it works pretty decent but the folder creation before the render begins might be super helpful since when we render we always have to create the folder hierarchy and then render sometimes the structure is pretty complicated for various passes. Is there anyway to create this automatically since when we version up we have to recreate this folder structure. Anyway to do this?