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  1. demoreel

    Hello. Nice to meet you all. I'm VFX artist and I am looking for a job. It's My Houdini and Maya demoreel, it was created autumn 2010. Also you can look my gallery http://andrewz.cgsociety.org/
  2. Demo Reel

    Thank you for your attention. At present time I use only Houdini. Houdini is great In my old reels I used Maya. Unfortunately long time I didn't update my gallery. But in the near time I will put into gallery new works which made in Houdini.
  3. Demo Reel

    Hello. I am looking for a job inside or beside the film industry and I hope it possible. I did modeling, shading, lighting scenes, rendering and final compositing all scenes in the reel. During long time I have involved in creating FX for reels for games and at present moment I make FX for commercial. My demo reel (Quick Time, 34 Mb) http://zavolokin.diawest.net.ua/demoreel.mov My application http://zavolokin.diawest.net.ua/resume.pdf My gallery http://andrewz.cgsociety.org/