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  1. Exporting out Smoke Trail as VDB

    Have you figured this out? Having the same issue as well.
  2. Hello, I have an HDA that works as I would expect in Houdini, however in Maya it does not. The HDA fractures an object of your choice and then you're able to select an alembic cache to be used as a collision object to destroy the fractured object. In Maya, I'm unable to even fracture the object. I'm using Maya 2018.6 Could this be a bug? Thanks, -Cody
  3. Velocity Field in H17

    Hello, I was wondering if someone could take a look at my attached scene and explain what I'm doing wrong. I have spheres copy stamped onto particles being emitted upwards below a flip fluid. I would like to use the velocity of them rising upwards and popping off to influence the fluid and achieve a bubbling lava effect. I've tried so many different options from static object collisions, source volume collisions, but it seems like a velocity field would be the best way to achieve the effect after doing some R&D online. I just can't seem to figure out how to set it up, especially since most tutorials explaining it are before the new way of doing it in H17. Thanks for any help in advance. VelocityField_v005.hip
  4. Hello, Is it possible to take a finalized asset in Maya, say.. a house. Break it apart, and then use those pieces in Houdini to create a procedural HDA in order to make many variations of that house back in Maya? Or would you have to build the house from scratch in Houdini? Model, UV, etc. Let me know, thanks!
  5. HDA's for dynamics using Houdini Engine

    Solved it, I had to use an object merge for my torus and then make the "Object 1" a parameter, so I could then use that field in Maya to select my object. Anyway, I'm excited to be apart of this forum! Incredible threads on here. Cheers, -Cody
  6. Hello, I've seen a few videos online where HDA's are used for creating dynamic simulations in Houdini that can be applied to any object in Maya using Houdini Engine. However, in Maya when I load in the digital asset it comes in with my primitive geometry used to create the effect in Houdini and does not give me the option of letting me select my geometry in Maya. I'm sure it has something to do with what I'm selecting to create the digital asset. At the obj level I just have a fractured torus, my DOP Network, and a ground plane. HDA's can be used for simulations in other packages using engine correct? Thanks for any help in advance! -Cody