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  1. I got an answer on the SideFX board--you have to use the texture gBWCheck.rat in a shader for it to display in the viewport. (Adding checkers to the shader don't display in the viewport.) More complicated than it apparently used to be, but I'm assuming that had to do with them retooling how shaders/materials are handled. The place I saw this done, where he just drags it off the palette, is at 5:09 at: https://app.pluralsight.com/player?course=disintegration-teleportation-reintegration-effects-houdini-2322&author=jeff-wolverton&name=disintegration-teleportation-reintegration-effects-houdini-2322-m2&clip=0&mode=live
  2. This is what I'm looking for--the actual "Patterns" section on the material palette (mine actually doesn't have a patterns section at all, much less the checkerboard):
  3. Yup--these are just a straight-off-the-shelf grid and sphere with a straight-out-of-the-tab-key uvunrwap on each:
  4. I had found that, but it only gives me grey: (I did throw a quick UVUnwrap on the grid an sphere before applying it.) What am I doing wrong there? I don't remember where it was, but the recent H17 tutorial I found had the person actually grabbing the checkerboard from the palette, so I'm guessing they didn't just get rid of something so common to replace it with something that takes three more steps now, right? presetsAreSometimesPractical.hipnc
  5. So a few older tutorials I have been following have people dragging the Checkerboard from the Material palette onto an object. I thought maybe the checkerboard just was no more since the material system changed, but I recently saw a Houdini 17+ tutorial where someone did the same thing. My material palette has no Checkerboard pattern on it. Where can I find it? Is it something I have to opunhide?
  6. Hi! I have what is probably a dumb/obvious question. I have a character diving into a pool. He is modeled to scale (roughly two units high), but to get the details of a human diving I'm having to make the collision separation and particle separation very small. The problem is that this is a huge body of water, and the camera is underwater, so the tank can't be isolated to the area of activity or the "walls" of the liquid show. I don't need detailed animation/simulation outside of the area around the diver, just some turbulence to make things interesting. Is there a way I could focus particle density around the area where I need the detail? Can I nest one sim inside another? (The places I've seen one sim driving another have seemed to focus on up-res-ing, and it doesn't seem to fit what I'm doing here.) Or do I just deal with the fact that a large body of water, even if there is not much happening, requires a ton of sim-time? Thank you for your help!