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  1. HDCycles (Cycles for Houdini) ?

    @schwungsau Ah gotcha. I initially thought Cycles for Houdini was like a "standalone" plugin like Redshift and Arnold. I guess its implemention needs Solaris knowledge
  2. HDCycles (Cycles for Houdini) ?

    Still wondering if anyone has tried it.
  3. Hi, Is there away to automate my Output File parameter in ROP FBX Output node based on the Geometry File parameter in File node? For example, Input: Geometry File: D:/chair_big.fbx Output: Output File: D:/chair_big_fixed.fbx I have a lot of these fbx files that needs fixing and it would be nice if I can just swap them out and click save disk rather than changing the output file everytime. I can use the copy/paste relative reference but there is the "_fixed" suffix that I don't know how to insert lol
  4. HDCycles (Cycles for Houdini) ?

    Still wondering if anyone has tried it.
  5. Show All Visibility of KineFX Controls?

    Up? I checked a substantial number of YT videos regarding KineFX and no one shows this. Is KineFX really just for mocap? And not for the usual handkeyed animation? I just want to animate through the viewport (click the onscreen controls and animate).
  6. Hi, Is there a way I can restrict groom brush to a specific guide? Currently it affects all the guides, which is a bit difficult to style. See attached file for reference. hou008_restrict_groom_brush_to_a_specific_guide.mp4
  7. Hi, I have a separate skeleton for arm and leg. I add separate controls for each joint chain. Currently, I have to select their respective rig pose node to able to manipulate them. So when I select the arm rig pose, the leg controls disappear. And vice versa. In the object level rigging, all the controls are visible by default. Is there a specific set-up where I can set all the visibility of all RIG POSE nodes? Basically, I don't want to select them individually in the node editor. Select them at the viewport and have them automatically selected in the node editor. Regards, Ben
  8. @skomdra Thanks for the link! Might come handy in future exploration.
  9. @skomdra RE: CHOPS Ah gotcha. I guess there's no way around it. Well, it's not a total loss for me per se since I haven't invested too much into it. RE: KineFX Rigging Thanks for the clarification. Will invest more item time with this system. I just really need a KineFX rig (the traidional one not that mocap one) to pick around. AFAIK, the content library only offers the object level rigging files. Anyhow, have a great day ahead!
  10. KineFX creating reverse foot

    Hi, I haven't explore kinefx with the reverse foot set-up but have you checked this tutorial? This was just released today
  11. Hi @skomdra @ryew Thanks for the response. I've watched several rigging videos (KineFX and Object Level rigging) from the time of this posting and now. RE: because object level rigs rely on CHOP networks . . . This is the kind of insight I was looking for. Didn't know about this. From this impression, I guess CHOP networks will remain single threaded on the future releases? RE: object-level rigging will be familiar to other packages like Maya Yea. It definitely is and I just watched the rigging videos on this one with ease. RE: KineFX "flexibility" It's powerful.With the full body IK, it reminds me of Maya's Human IK. But it seems to be rigid in its system. It's good for MOCAP processing but I don't see it using any bend arm legs. Sticky lips set-up etc. Or even just facial rigging in general in KineFX. All I see is body rigging mocap demo. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  12. Hi, I'm new to Houdini. (Well back and forth user). I was wondering if I should just invest time on the KineFX toolset for rigging fully or learn also the Object Level Rigging. I'm a rigger in other DCC. So rigging is not new to me. That said, I would like to future proof. I used houdini before H15 on some fur. And just learned that they introduced a new fur workflow in H16 and the technical know how of the old one is potentially useless. Will this be the same thing with KineFX vs the Object Level Rigging? I'm not talking about the concepts but the technical knowhow basically nodes of the previous system can't be opened in the next version or so.
  13. @Librarian Thanks for the file. I think the problem is on my end. I matched the settings for your nodes, except for the Redshift Obj Tab. (I don't even use it, I just installed the Demo and I only render in Mantra and not in Redshift). So I guess its a bug where RS interfers with it. Anyway, I managed to render it with Mantra by changing the Render>Hair Generation to Use SOP Geometry
  14. @Librarian Thanks for the response. Where do I see this "uncheck attribute thickness "width" ? I think its not on your screenshot.
  15. Hi, I tried the Hair Shelf Tool. 1) Create a Grid 2) Click the Add Fur Button 3) Render with Mantra It renders the grid properly but not the hair. Am I missing something? 2021-04-07_18-34-35.mp4