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  1. here other example with the problem more clear. The things it's I use the v and the vorticity to get the cd attribute. And this popings glitches are to much visible.. poping_test.mp4
  2. hey everyone! I'm try to figure it out to how resolve this issue with a fluid simulation. It's a wave tank inside a collider. The problem are the little poppings along the simulation. Not happens all time but I don't know how to fix it. !! Of course the reseeding are disable. Thanks!
  3. hey! Here two method to resolve the problem! I hope it helps vdb_issue.hiplc
  4. Hi everyone, I have an issue about filling a water tank - my question is: how I can fill a wave tank emitting particles before? My problem it's when I start the simulation with a water tank all works fine but when I try to fill the same box with a emitter the fluid can`t get the same water line with the same particles amount. Here some screenshots and the hipfile. Thanks! water_fill_001.hiplc
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