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  1. Sure thing! Actually the number of guide curves are same in simmed and render geo. I have just resampled the curves in render geo to give it a slightly different topology. Will provide some images, thank you
  2. thanks Aizatulin, I saw your file, but there is an offset between the simmed curves and wrapped curves, I am looking for a one-to-one wrap where the wrapped curves follows the simmed curves almost perfectly.
  3. Thanks @animatrix, Thats a good idea for saving some cooking time, I will try that. But the real problem I am having is to setup the point deform inside for loop, its creating stretch in the curves which should not happen if I am wrapping the curves 1 to 1. I am sure I am doing something wrong. Not sure if I should keep the timeshift nodes inside the For Loop and there is only one input on ForeEach node, If at all I need to keep the timeshift inside For Loop, how do I create multiple inputs? Attaching an example hip file, if you don't mind taking a look, I would highly appreciate. Its a basic vellum sim done on curves and I am trying to wrap it to the curves on right side (different topology). If you go to frame 70, You will see some artifacts in the curves. I am sure my for each setup is not quite right. thanks! curve_wrap.hipnc
  4. hey Guys, I am trying to wrap bunch of head hair guide curves with my simmed hair curves which have a different topology. I had to resample the curves during simulation to achieve a better sim. If I just do a basic point deform setup, it produces some artifacts because the curves are in close proximity of each other. I tried using "for each primitive" to run it over each curve primitive but its still not giving in accurate results. Any idea if there is a better way to do this? Appreciate your help! thanks!
  5. Vellum Linear degree curve problem

    hey Guys, Anyone knows the solution of this problem? The curves imported in Houdini from maya comes as linear degree curves and as a result while simming them in vellum, it give weird results. Please see the screenshot attached. I tried increasing the segments using resample SOP, it smoothen out the curves but doesn't help much with simulation. The sim behavior remains the same. Any ideas? thanks, Rohit
  6. Sticky Deformer

    Hello, Is there any way to script a "sticky deformer", which deforms a particular points on an animated geometry and also rides along with it? We can take softTransform sop as base. Thanks, Rohit
  7. how to use Detangle sop

    Thank you Tomas, for always being helpful!
  8. how to use Detangle sop

    Hi Guys, I need help to use detangle node to remove some intersections in my geo before I start my simulation. I tried following this tutorial but could not make it work for my task. https://vimeo.com/294388853 Imagine a bunch of sphere placed together and intersecting with each other, I need to remove the intersections from them. Thanks
  9. Hello, Can there be a way to update the attach constraint points (on collider) on every frame as the collider moves in a world space so that it gives sort of a sliding effect? I tried adding a custom group in the target geo field, the points in the custom group get updated every frame as the collider moves. But Vellum solver is not taking that into account, it holds the position of the constraints created on first frame of sim. any thoughts? Thanks,
  10. Painting restlength on vellum cloth constraint?

    This is cool, thank you so much Tomas! Learnt something new today -Rohit
  11. Hello, Is there any way to paint the restlength parameter on vellum cloth constraint? I tried assigning "restlength" attribute using wrangler node, but vellum solver doesnt seem to read it. I am trying in SOP btw. Thanks!
  12. Vellum fiber for muscles

    Following. I am stuck at the same thing. Been trying to solve muscles using vellum tetrahedral volume but not happy with the kind of deformation I am getting. Its bending instead of budging up while squashing. Tet fibers sounds interesting, but could not find anything which explains how can we set the fiber direction per point. I came across this H17.5 features video, if you go at the very end, he explains various ways to set materialW attribute. Not sure if we can use something of it to achieve what we want.