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  1. Automatically fix mesh tunnels/holes

    Hey guys, those are some really good ideas for sure. Thank you very much! konstantin will be good if you can provide a sample. That is very interesting indeed StepbystepVFX thank you again, no problem, I will try to figure this out, that is a great idea.
  2. Automatically fix mesh tunnels/holes

    Thank you Konstantin. VDB destroys a lot of detail and I need to preserve all mesh details and UV's. Ideally I just need to detect them, delete and then fill those those holes. Do you know any other way?
  3. Automatically fix mesh tunnels/holes

    Scans are processed in Reality Capture. There's no way of reprocessing the data. It will be great to find a way to detect/delete and cap those holes.
  4. Hi, Sometimes in photogrammetry scanning, holes/tunnels appear on thin surfaces like on ears and cloth (please see image and model attached). Is it possible to detect them in Houdini automatically? Idea is to solve these issues on multiple scans running a few SOP's on a sequence of OBJ's. Geomagic software can detect them as Small Tunnels and you can delete them there and cap the holes easily, so it is possible to define them mathematically although I can't find any tools in Houdini that can do the same. Thank you! mesh_tunnels_example.OBJ
  5. StepbystepVFX, this is absolutely amazing!!! Thank you so much for this!!! It sure helps a lot, and yes I need to do it procedurally as I load up an obj sequence. Having a lot of ways to fine tune this is also incredible, just what I need. catchyid and Whatsinaname, thank you for replying, I appreciate your input!
  6. Hi, I have a stream of OBJ's with various spikes as a result of photogrammetry issues. Is there a way to somehow select and delete elements of the mesh that have substantial surface but very small connection point to the main mass of an object. Please see the image below. Thank you! Spikes.OBJ