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  1. I did a complete reinstall of windows and now this works again
  2. Thank you for trying, I installed and reinstalled different versions several times, right now I'm using 18.5.532, same for labs. I tried the manual Labs install as well.
  3. I tried it with .osm files that I know worked before, I attached an example. Greifswalder-Danziger.osm
  4. Hello, I have a problem that is driving me nuts. I'm using the OSM Import node from the SideFX labs toolshelf, I installed it from the toolshelf panel. Everytime I click the "Generate Marker nodes" checkbox I get this error: I filed a bug for it and have been in contact with SideFX support, they told me to check the permissions of the package folders, I did that and my user have Full Access to the folder. They stopped responding and now i don't know how to solve it. I tried installing different versions of Houdini and the toolshelf but I always end up having the same problem. If anyone have any suggestions on what could be the cause that would be highly appreciated. -Stina
  5. I figured this out, the point numbers show the driving directions, ascending numbers = driving direction.
  6. Asking here since I had a very hard time finding any information about this. Is it possible to derive the driving direction from the imported OSM data? It can be seen as arrows on oneway streets on openstreetmap.org and my mapping friends tell me this is stored in the Node in OSM but I can't figure out if that information is available in in Houdini using the OSM_Import node.
  7. Hello, newbie here. I'm following an old tutorial and in order to delete closed/un-closed primitives the guy created an attribute called "closed" which is then referenced in a delete node. He uses $CLOSED in the delete node but when I do the same it shows it as an error. Is this a deprecated way of calling the attribute? I tried @CLOSED instead and that seamed to work but I have troubles further down the line and I'm trying to figure out if this makes a difference.
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