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  1. stretch and squeeze by map along geometry

    Hey everybody, I just found out that you can't set the tension per point or primitive with Spring SOP see: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/2104/?page=1#post-8680 I tried Cloth as well but I did't found any way to expand or shrink it with point attributes. Basically I want to set a force per point to repeal or attract the other points (but in a cloth or softbody like manner): Do you guys have any hints which solver or method I should use? Thanks a lot! Flo
  2. Hello everybody, I want to strech and squeeze the points of a geometry based on a texture. The points should only move along the surface of the original geometry. How can I do this? I am not a pro in Houdini yet but I am getting better.... Below is a gif animation of my setup in Cinema 4D, which had too many limitations, so I want to create this in Houdini. My first attempt with the Spring SOP and the "tension" point attribute didn't worked out (see attachment). [Update / Clarification]: I'm looking for basic hints like which node / solver I should use etc.... Many thanks for any help or hints! Flo stretch_and_squeeze.zip
  3. RBD - Hide passive objects

    Many thanks for the explanation Victor!
  4. RBD - Hide passive objects

    Hello Victor, thanks a lot for your help, it works perfect! I have one question about your solution: In your blast node (with is applied after the simulation) you have the expression Group "@active=0", when I put Group "passive_grp" which should in my newbee understanding work as well, I did not work. Why is this so? Many thanks again, Flo
  5. RBD - Hide passive objects

    Hello everybody, I'm trying to learn RBD simulations, I enjoy houdini a lot so far but struggling at the task of hiding / unhiding RBD objects. I want to hide all passive RBD objects and only show (display & render) the active ones. I created two groups inside the packed object to set the passive and active objects. I tried the delete node but then no objects appear again in the Dop Sim even when the are keyframed as active. What I'm doing wrong? Many thanks for any help or hints! Flo orbiting_up_v01-02.hipnc