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  1. Which Software Should I Choose?

    Actually I want to create animations of some of the Physics lessons (of high school level). I want that program to run as standalone and as well as on website.
  2. Which Software Should I Choose?

    Thanks Is it "Adobe Flash CS3 Professional" or something else? Because i have found some others like "Adobe CS3 Design Premium/Web Premium/Master Collection" etc. I am confused ! By the way is there any freeware software for such purpose?
  3. Hello all, I want to create some basic geometrical animations (lines, circles, triangles, cubes, boxes etc....) along with following restrictions: 1- I must be able to interact with the animations created. Interaction with mouse events (click, drag etc), keyboard events, data entry like in edit boxes etc. 2- The animations must be web oriented/web friendly. (I must be able to put those animation on webpages) 3- Should require less programming (not as we do in Java Swing/2D/3D applications) Which software is best for this situation? Maya, 3ds Max, Adobe Flash CS3, DirectX etc. etc. ?? I am a newbie and dont know much about animation softwares. Really appreciate your valuable help. Best Regards