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  1. Spaceman Rigging WIP

    Really interesting stuff! I like the highlighted preselection...didn't know this could be done with houdini. I really like that kind of selection. I used similar rigs in maya and I think it's probably the best way to work for an animator, it's super clean and it's the best to only see the character and nothing else. My only concern would be speed from what I see, I'm a freak about real time feedback. do you know approximatly the kind of frame rate you get? Looks cool man, It's always good to see people interested with character animation in Houdini, I wish there would be more! Cheers!
  2. SpeedTree

    It reminds me of the time when Softimage start selling FaceRobot for like 100 000$ Studios that could afford the software, could actually afford to build their own tool from scratch. And people who could actually care for the product could not afford it.
  3. od[force] Houdini 11 Wishlist

    It's already in there...
  4. Paste mirror pose in Biped Auto Rig ?

    If only I would know.. I actually know half the answer. You could save your pose to chops and than copy the generated chop channel node and rename every channel from "left" to "right". Than you click on the "copy to export" button in the node parameters. It works, but I don't know yet how to make it streamlined...There's a rename chop node that could automate the renaming process, but after I don't know how to export the pose...
  5. Metallic paint shader v002

    Hey guys, I've just updated a metallic paint shader I was working on for a while. I finally got the missing ingredient: sparkles! Thanks my colleague Nicolas Rous who found exactly what I needed. I'm also planning eventually to allow use of sprites to define sparkle shapes. Anyone as a clue how this could be achieved by the way? I was thinking spreading my sprites randomly using pointclouds, even thought I don't know how to use them properly yet. Any simpler ideas for the purpose? Here's the video!
  6. Metallic paint shader v002

    Thanks guys! Chris3D: I started the shader from scratch, no layered shaders involved.
  7. CmiVFX down again...

    I'm glad I just saw this topic. I feel like most of you guys. I already bought 2 online tutorials from cmivfx, but only because of the "delivery" method, I always have seconds thoughts when I'm about to get another one. I liked the ones I watched, but I really can't stand having to log on the web site everytime I want to watch a tutorial to use a player that is not as efficient as desktop player IMO. Let's say I'm somewhere with no internet and I want to do tutorials...no options here! It might sound unimportant to you guys, but since I'm paying can I at least have the luxury of actually deciding how and where I want to watch the tutorial? Sorry, this is getting me a bit frustrated, it feels like instead annoying the pirates here, it actually annoyes the paying customers.I'm actally glad to see I'm not alone in the situation. That's too bad...It just feels unfair. Like someone mentioned, 3D buzz system works super well, why not do the same? I really wish you guys from cmivfx do something about this..pleaaase!
  8. Slightly funny and cute

    It really looks good! I agree we need more details about the process! How about sharing a hip file?
  9. my new robot rig

    Yeah, I think it's called twist affector. You need them for your knees to behave properly. The Twist affector will tell your IK chain where to point. Keep it up!
  10. my new robot rig

    I checked it out super quickly. I did not found any pole vectors control for the knees orientation, do you have any? And when I'm moving the body from front to back knees are flipping, probably caused by the no pole vectors. Cheers, it's cool you posted some rigging stuff thought, there is not enough for my tastes.
  11. Bidirectional setup for the joint chain

    I really wish you get a positive answer for that question!!
  12. tutorial about the foreach SOP (advanced)

    By the way, I did this animation using the for each sop. Thanks to your tutorial Manuel!
  13. Cloud Computing for Artists: Public Beta

    Not sure to exactly gets what that means... Does it mean you can not have hqueue working on a local network but only to acces the render cloud? Neither ways, I'm looking forward to this for windows. I think it's simply BRILLIANT to be able to do that directly within Houdini and the prices seem fair too. I'll finally be able to render frame sequences using pbr rendering without jamming my computer for days...I'm loving this!! Thanks!
  14. Alright, this is a simple question but I haven't found a positive answer on my own yet... Is it posible to orient the axis of a transform sop? Let's say I want to modify a character arm and I want to align the transform sop rotation axis with the arm orientation, so it can be rotated properly "realistically", like a bone would do. The only way I know to do this right now, is actually using bones, but for the purpose, it would be so much simpler to be able to align my transform sop the way I want. Anyone can help on thsi one? Thanks! Good night!
  15. tutorial about the foreach SOP (advanced)

    Good tutorial Manuel! Really helpful to me. There`s only one thing I`m not quite understanding; it`s the diffrence between stamp() and stampS() expressions.
  16. tutorial about the foreach SOP (advanced)

    Awesome! Thanks so much! Can't wait to watch it!
  17. extrude profil with animate U direction + UVs

    I think you could use a "carve sop" to animate the lenght of your curve, so extrusion would grow while you show more and more of your curve...If it's nurbs your extruding, you could actually use the carve sop to reveal it too. Maybe you could postyour scene, it's always easier when you can go fix it directly in someones scene. Hope this helps... For the uv question, I don't know an answer, even thought I'm sure there is one. Good luck!
  18. How to orient pivot of a transform sop?

    Thanks Guys, Simon I guess that would be a simple and efficient solution. I wonder why I didn't think of that actually. I still wondering why it's not possible to do that directly within the transform sop, it feels to me like it's missing this. Edward: sorry, but I don't understand what you suggest, could you show me an exemple please?
  19. How to orient pivot of a transform sop?

    It's to move point part a model..so I need to do it at sop level. Transform axis sop is a solution, but it only transform on 1 axis, which is a down side. And there's is no Soft Transform axis sop, which could be really handy. I guess it could be done by hand, but I have no clue how...any idea? or exemples? thanks!
  20. varomix rigging machine

    Best of lucks guys, I really hope this thing is gonna come to life! If you need an animator to test it or give you some feedbacks, I'll be around! Cheers!
  21. Inside is Better

    Haha! Really nice!! I love the little guy, shaders and lighting are really nice too! Good job!
  22. Wow!! Personally, even thought this is not a thread I started, this is exactly what I've been looking for! This is awesome! However I'm not sure to understand exactly how the expression works, I mean I'm reading the help, but I barely understand 1 word out of 2... Anyways, thanks alot Mario!!!!
  23. Hi Owl! I just watched your file, I'm also really interested in the subject. Is it possible to do this without the use of a copy sop? Only with expressions for instance, because it works if you want to copy an object but, I had a case in where I wanted to align a texture projection to an object normal automatically and of your course a texture projection cannot be copyed...
  24. GMVC - General Mean Value Coordinates

    Sweet! I also saw you posted the PMVC on your web site...great! Can't wait to see what comes out of this one! Cheers!
  25. PMVC - positive mean value coordinates

    Yeah, I'm wondering if I could use it on a midres or highres character...Feels a bit slow like you said. I'll have the occasion to try it in a near future, I'll post my tests when I have some...