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  1. Frozen Particles

    thanks for your help kleer001 I will apply your advice to optimize the piece. I tried to disable resize_container> Max Bounds> Clamp To Maximum. But the particles are still freezing. The only thing I try to achieve is that the particles that freeze when they reach the top fall with the others. The rest seems fine. Sorry for my ignorance, to apply the Alpha do I need a SOP VOP? How can I do to use it? This would not make disappear all the particles of the base that do not move? I try to get something similar to what Simon achieves in the second 14 of this video Thanks again
  2. Frozen Particles

    Hi! I have a rookie problem. Let's see if you can help me solve it. When smoke emission occurs, some advected particles remain frozen when they reach a certain point. Increase the size of the gas container in case they collide with it and slow down, but it does not appear to have been repaired. If anyone has any idea. Attached photo that points to some of these frozen particles. and the hip file. Greetings and thanks for your time. shockwave_CACH.hiplc
  3. Particle Advection (Simon Holmedal Effect)

    thank you very woodenduck much these videos are very useful! Thx
  4. Hi!!, I'm new at Houdini and I'm trying to get this kind of effect Following this tutorial I managed to make a smoke ring https://qiita.com/r-ngtm/items/c5483f1f4700359e0540 how can I combine it with a dop network to fill it with particles? if there is any other way to do it or if you can give me some advice I thank you sorry for my ignorance Thanks! Thanks!