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  1. I want to custom 2D shader use houdini. So I store lights positon to point attribute and read them in material. It is work when only single light in the scence. But if there have many light in the scence, I must store lights information to array attribute to use that. I try to do that but I can't read any thing. How can I do that?
  2. I can't rander sparsepyro emission volume correctly,even rename it to density.And I can do nothing for volume. But Old pyro volume rander is correct. Is redshift can't rander sparsepyro volume?
  3. vellum paper

    Maybe I didn't use vellum struts. Thanks
  4. vellum paper

    I want to simulation papers use vellum; But as you see the simulation ignore thickness; How can I fix it?
  5. FBXoutput

    Sorry,I don't kown how to use foreach loop to output fbx file in sop. Can you share me a example file for that?
  6. FBXoutput

    Why my ropfbx can output only one file? Here is the seting; Here is the exporting files Other formats all corrent. Dose anyone kown about this?
  7. Procedural Spline generator from Houdini to Unreal

    Maybe you cen use Niagara