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  1. Hi, I'd like to get some help from you, because I ran out of ideas. It's about Redshift proxy and instances. I'd like to make forest with different colors with the "RSUserDataInteger" in the Redshift Material in shop network. I tried with the simple box example, and it worked. However, when I use the material override in different ways for the proxy trees and it uses only one color, so I cannot randomize colors. I attached the hip file and proxy tree for you to examine. Thank you in advance! switchShaderTest_02_v003.hiplc tree_01_v01.rs
  2. Allright, thanks for the advice! That's why I like this forum.
  3. Yeah, it was the solution of the problem, thank you for help!
  4. Thank you for your reply, I really appreciate it. However, I solved the problem, stupid me, because I forgot to check the "Override User Data" at the bottom of the Geometry node in the Redshift OBJ tab. I think everything is fine. Anyway, the trunk's material name is RS_barkMat, sorry to forget to mention it. At least, anyone have got the same problem can easily find the solution in this topic. Thank you again!