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  1. Can someone help me with my VEX code about addprim?

    use blast to delete primitives based on the color @Cd.z>0.1 or even use the removeprim vex code
  2. Flip SIM weird behaviour

    Check droplet detection in the flip solver and it create an attrib, you can delete the droplet using that
  3. Importing from server is not reading the File

    Awesome Dude, It worked like a Charm! Thanks for the Explanation
  4. Hi, Importing alembic from the server is not working, tried to run as administrator still not helping, any ideas? P.s - loading using nodes is working but I need to load alembic scene, I can even navigate and select the file but getting errro when clicked on import
  5. Loading Alembic camera

  6. Houdini Unreal Engine USD export animation sequence

    CMIIW, Generally That is a one-time Job I export the first pass of the version and import in Unreal, the future versions I choose don't import materials while loading it automatically assigns for me.
  7. Loading Alembic camera

    you can offset the camera using channels, I tried doing that Object merge long back, but it didn't help, As I remembered I offset camera animation using channels there is thread in sidefx which might help you https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/71882/
  8. Houdini Unreal Engine USD export animation sequence

    I doubt that USD is not totally supported in unreal yet, expecting in UE5, You can export an alembic sequence and import in unreal (sequence load in unreal is still beta),
  9. Unreal to Houdini Camera axis Fix

    there is some pre rotate and post-rotate missing for me while loading the camera, Is this a new thing in 18.5.408!!!! this is how I'm importing File -> Import ->flimbox FBX and settings are the same as you shared with me before.
  10. Unreal to Houdini Camera axis Fix

    Hi, Thanks for checking the thread, can I know which Houdini version you are using, I have tried used the same setting and still camera points up-side... I tried using 17.5 , 18 & 18.5, not sure why its wrong, can you please explain the it for me, are you just importing, and its coming in a proper way? or have you changed any rotation or translations?
  11. Unreal to Houdini Camera axis Fix

    Hi, I'm trying to export the camera from the Unreal to Houdini, the coordinate system is different in houdini(Y-up) and unreal(Z-up), I tried to get the translations correct which is camera should move towards X in houdini, but local rotation for the camera is still wrong, can we shuffle axis here? Scene file and camera file are attatched below Thank You. camera_import_problem.hip camera_v003.fbx
  12. instance chaining when point number changes

    Appreciated man! Thank You very much! That's a Great Explanation, Now it makes sense.
  13. instance chaining when point number changes

    Hi, I'm trying to instance different geometry on points, but the instanced object is chaning its object every frame, since the point numberis chaning, tried adding the id, I'm not sure where it got wrong, can someone help me here, copy_instance chaning_problem.hip
  14. Rotation in Wirecaptures

    Hi, the wire capture and wire deform are not taking the rotation of the points to rotate the geometry, attaching the sample scene file below, Basically, I'm rotating the curve and deforming the geometry using wire capture and deformer but it's just moving leaving the rotation Thank You wirecapture rotation.hip
  15. Houdini UI Python Library

    @Stalkerx777 Its Not working in H18.5 , python 2.7.15 !!!