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  1. Crowd

    I would like to start the learning the crowd, which one would you prefer Goleam or houdini crowd Which has more pros and cons Excited to hear from you, Thanks advance
  2. Crowd

    appreciated Noobini! but, that is not I'm looking for, sorry!!!
  3. the instance node in your file is not loading in houdini H18
  4. Women Character Rigging

    Thanks Jordibares for responding, I saw these tutorials..... I'm looking for facial rigging of human character...
  5. Women Character Rigging

    Hey, Hi, I want to rig a realistic women character, Can someone tell me what is the way to rig a realistic character I'm planning to use a Advanced skeleton in maya, and including the blendshapes can also be helpful? or else painting my own weights will give the better result? ThankU.
  6. Spherify New Terrain/HeightField?

    I used height field on the grid and extracted textures in Copnet and used those textures as in shaders...
  7. Houdini cotton candy

    Hi, Saw the attatched image made in blender, is there any way to make cotton candy in houdini(without grooming)? ThankYou,
  8. Houdini pyro fire simulation

    this is the output i'm getting...
  9. Houdini pyro fire simulation

    Hi, I have tried may different options in the sim, still i'm getting the blur flames on the scene... i'm new to houdini pyro the hip file is attatched to this Thank you test.hip
  10. Maya Camera to Houdini

    Cool!!! it worked, Thank You very much guys
  11. Maya Camera to Houdini

    Hi, I'm trying to export camera from the Maya to Houdini, I removed all the dependencies and kept outside without grouping, I'm trying to export in alembic formate, but still, the alembic node in Houdini is unable to load the camera in Houdini... Any ideas for doing this? Thanks
  12. instance in houdini

    Hi, I'm emitting points from geometry, and points which are below the grid were killed using a pop kill... I'm instancing another geo on it, since the point number is changing my pscale value is also changing for every frame... how to solve this copy to points.hip
  13. python folder creating

    Hi kiryha, It worked, it even worked without .format(1,2) thank you
  14. python folder creating

    Hi, I'm trying to make folder structure from python... there is a renaming problem I'm facing... How do we can make "vnc_001.......vnc_015", please check the image attached, I strongly required only 3 numbers at the end...
  15. python folder creating

    corrected this way is there any other way instead of two different loops? import os shot = "vnc" maya = "m_v" houdini = "h_v" nuke = "n_v001" tracking = "t_v" root = "I:\\" for each in range(10): path = f"{root}/{shot}_00{each}" if not os.path.exists(path): os.makedirs(path) for each in range(10,15): path = f"{root}/{shot}_0{each}" if not os.path.exists(path): os.makedirs(path)
  16. normalize in vex and vop

    Hi, sorry about the silly question, I'm a beginner. NORMALIZE in vops, what it is used for, I saw many times in tutorials people using, but, nobody explaining about it... what it differs from the clamp node?
  17. Houdini to maya

    Hi, Is there any way to export from Houdini procedurally and working in Maya with that model, I heard that procedurally doing this way doesn't give any issues and works fast in Maya while working with large super sets or even smaller one... I wanted to model a super set in Houdini and import in Maya and shade, light it... Please text If you do any exports from Houdini to Maya...
  18. Houdini to maya

    Is this the proper answer I'm looking for!!!
  19. Divergence

    what is the divergence, where we use it? what does it do? is it used only in pyro? an explanation will be appreciated.. thanks in advance!
  20. Linux on intel i7 8700k

    Hi, I'm using Gigabyte z370m d3h, running with intel i7 8700k and RTX 2070 ... can I use linux latest version on my desktop, I didn't find any proper answer in Google for this question... Please let me known if any one is using and wanted to known if any Cons they are facing.... Thank You,
  21. attribute transfer for UVs

    It's not working !!!!
  22. I'm trying to transfer the Uvs from the model to same model which I made symmetrical... but UVs are stitching... I need exactly the same without stitching from the first input...how to resolve this!!!!????? the result should be like 2nd image
  23. Pyro velocity

    cache it, and assigned to it and if you really need a proper sim increase the force towards the ground... the result will be compromised...
  24. point normals