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  1. Flip to mesh issue

    sorry forget hip file, it has been added.
  2. Flip to mesh issue

    hi everyone! I want to make a flip fluid to form a mesh. I've searched the forums and found shis http://forums.odforc...rm-into-a-mesh/. But i have an issue with the result. As you can seen, the border does't fit the shape of target well. I have twisted a lot of parameters in my network, such as particle separation and fieldforce scale, isooffset sampling and offset. It didn't work... I noticed urlGreyhttp://forums.odforc...rm-into-a-mesh/ have got a beautiful effect! Did i miss something? Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated! test_10.hipnc
  3. HOT Ocean Eval vop

    You need to define VEX plug-in functions in \Houdini xx.x.xxx\houdini\vex\VEXdso file. just add a new line: VEX_Ocean.dll
  4. HOT_1.0rc6 @ WIN32_vc8 for Houdini_10.0.249.5 20090519_HOT_1.0_rc6.rar