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  1. Hey hey Peon Thank you very much for your reply! Haha yes, it was Octane Material. I was just using stamping because I saw it in a tutorial and it worked - I will definitely have a look at the other work around as well, sounds interesting! Anyways, I found the problem - it was because there was a texture protection tag in the shop network- messing up the uv texture tag in geo network - so as soon as I removed that, it brought everthing back to normal. So if anyone out there is having the same problem, dont do that So you answer was usefull - made me look a second time! Have a great day!
  2. Hey all I am trying to create a very basic balloon setup, where I have some different octane textures, that I want to run through a switch, and then into a COPY STAMP SOP, and finally into a DOP network - everything in my setup works, except that when I hit the COPY STAMP SOP, my textures goes all funny... before the COPY STAMP SOP it works fine. Does anyone know if its even possible to run a third party render texture through that node? I have seen a bunch of tutorials out there doing it successfully with basic color - but not texture? Any help would make my day!! Casper
  3. Hey guys, This is probably such a beginner question, but I have been trying to figure out how to render particles with Octane in Houdini, and everything works with colors and stuff, except I get this message from the Houdini console on every frame when I press play, after applying my material and ticking off the "render as sphere particles"? Anybody else experienced this and maybe have a solution? All the best and have a great sunday out there