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  1. Parameter Interface Toggle

    Hello,You can simply put this Python Code that i have made and tested with the same setup you have created. Below is the Callback Script to deactivate all materials and colors via the single click or disable toggle with tick: kwargs['node'].parmTuple('outside').set(' '), kwargs['node'].parmTuple('first').set((0.0,0.0,0.0)), kwargs['node'].parmTuple('inside').set(' '), kwargs['node'].parmTuple('second').set((0.0,0.0,0.0)), kwargs['node'].parmTuple('third').set((0.0,0.0,0.0)), kwargs['node'].parmTuple('burned').set(' ') Note: Please change the parmTuple name according to your node name. This Callback Script i have tried with the same setup or control box you have made. It's working with both Button and Toggle checkbox also.
  2. How can I change Template node's color?

    Yes, this is the cool way to do. Thanks man.
  3. How can I change Template node's color?

    No, I mean Selectable Template to see into the viewport proper color which you're doesn't getting brightness of the color. Or If you're asking for template node viewport geometry wireframe colors that you can change in your houdini directory / houdini / config. There you will be able to find few different files. You can modify in that according to your color requirements.
  4. Open CL

    The OpenCL allows you to take advantage of your GPU to do computation. When GPU doesn't available then It will be automatically switch to CPU but It can still do faster than VEX & C++ nodes. Yes, you can speed up your simulations when it checked but it actually depends on your GPU or hardware. You can take an in-depth knowledge by seeing this below Masterclass on how to use OpenCL | Jeff Lait | Senior Mathematician SideFX.
  5. How can I change Template node's color?

    Have you tried with ctrl + RMB to fully view or see the template geometries in the viewport?