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  1. hae cache frHi, I have particle cache frame1 and particle cache frame3 and want to directly calculate particle cach frame 2. something like "if name1(id1) = name2 (id2) then (P=P1+P2)/2" my blending is too noisy.. merge export.hip
  2. tried your expresion, but how to show particles? cond I can't find the Orbit node is there an alternative?
  3. Hi, I saved successfully the sim files with control points every 10th frame and try to to save the bgeo.sc files now. all bgeo.sc are saved but some are not cooked completly. they are only 2kb in size. I tried to save one frame before to resume but not working. I think resuming from the resume cache sim files are not working. second my hbatch scheduler is not showing anymore..
  4. big sim files

    sorry for beginner question how can I compres sim files which are very big. 4gb vs. 799 mb bgeo file? is there someting like fluidvompress for sim files?