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  1. Reverse point order only for point group

    This is an intriguing problem. I come from grasshopper background and I must say Houdini is one beautiful software. This is a trivial thing to do in grasshopper but I cant seem to find any ways to do it efficiently in Houdini. Maybe I am not understand something fundamental here. I have a grid of points, 10x10, I need the point order to loop from edge to edge. Basically reverse pt order of 10 points every 20 points so it has a looping movement. I tried two approaches looking for an efficient way to achieve this. Copy to points is the worst way for this instance. Red is the attempt which didn't quite work, and Green is the needed outcome done manually. Pt_order_mess.hipnc Anyone have some ideas how I could go about this?
  2. Flip Fluids deforming collision objects

    Incremental layer attribute was a nice idea! I tried it out quickly and it works well thanks! Deforming geometry is a bit problematic though. I don't want to use a deforming geometry, rather deform the collision boundaries as the fluid fills the volume, as if its a box made with cloth on the sides constrained by the edges. This is I guess also the difficult part to incorporate, flexible collision geometry... Thanks a lot! I'll post some images of the studies done once they are approved for others to see!
  3. Flip Fluids deforming collision objects

    So I am quite new to Houdini, I have a fairly simple setup where I am simulating the behavior of a viscous material where viscosity is increasing exponentially with age and multiplier. So by frame 120 particles stop moving. I am emitting in a line in a loop back and forth so slowly the particles start creating a layered wall. However I have encountered 3 very intriguing problems which for the world in me I cannot seam to figure out: 1 - When meshing the particle data the particles that are close get meshed (obviously) and I don't really see the layering that I need to. Tried creating a very highrez model but didn't really work. (Is there a way to use the viscosity or age variable to stop particles from meshing together and keep the layering intact?) Currently using VDB from Poligons then converting it. 2 - Despite a very high Viscosity, the particles move somewhat when new layer of particle is added on top. Is there anything like Pop-State (as in previous releases) where I can freeze the particles with attributes? currently using (if viscosity>100000 {v = 0,0,0) to set velocity to 0 once viscosity is high enough. 3 - If I wanted to use a deformable (cloth/plastic/elastic) object to fill the flip fluid into how can I go about this? I hope some of you brilliant houdini artists have some advice or tips on how to go about solving these problems. Houdini file attached. SimCon1.hip