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  1. dealing with open geometry

    Just curious, can you post your issue screenshot here? I would want to see that mesh. If possible.
  2. dealing with open geometry

    Did you create vdb topology ? Its purpose to create the vdb along only on surface so technical you have an object similar image above. Is that what you want ?
  3. dealing with open geometry

    SDF for open shape in case you need https://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=HoudiniVolumes#SDF_from_open_shapes
  4. NanoVDB gpu solver + collisions ?

    Here is volume source screenshot for collision (note that with Axiom Solver if you plan to use that, it gonna use collisionVel but not collisionvel, notice the "V" uppercase letter)
  5. NanoVDB gpu solver + collisions ?

    Hi Rafzdv, I just want to correct, collision fields in Pyro are (I'm using H18.5): SDF = collision Vel = collisionvel Search for collision in this document https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/dop/pyrosolver_sparse.html This is video demonstration the donut is a collision, source that donut by using Collision
  6. Hqueue Configuration with NAS nightmare

    You may want to try Deadline, now it's 10 clients free (included instance - split machine self resources), it can request to Hqueue built script inside to track sim and do distributed sim. I did set up last year with HQueue, there are job it works, there are none. So because its unstable which cause my creative pull down so heavy then I have to shift to other program. I leave here couple of notes that may help other people while they search for information: Disable the service, use hqueue client.bat, 100% works ! Windows machine, map network shared location to Z:\, which is default inside hqueue server.ini so it helps much Access Denied error which tell you that current machine use can not access into shared drive, use Windows Credential Manager to add that credential which can access to shared drive Sometimes it because the client service can not run well, hqueue client.bat (100% works) When you load Hip to Hqueue: Error: The attempted operation failed > this mean you have to set your project folder with assign to network shared location in $JOB and also in aliases & variables Do not you $HIP for any of your network shared Error: “indie does not support generating disk files” > production daily build need update I will disable Firewall from Windows Defender (but you may want to make sure assign all port relate to Hqueue into inboud/outbound) on all machines Host Name sometimes does not work, you may want to double check lookup for that IP by use a command line: nbtstat -a <IP of the Hqueue server machine>, you may see that Host Name not found. My solution is assign IP to all machines rather than doing technical IT network stuff with all the entire farm, you may want to assign it into configuration *.ini file In hqserver.ini, this work for me hqserver.sharedNetwork.path.windows = \\IP\Prj_Dir hqserver.sharedNetwork.mount.windows = \\IP\Prj_Dir In the ROP setup the path to Hqueue with "\\\" but not only "\\" for Prj_Dir location, all my goodness Alembic file will not work through network, you need to add this into Houdini.env at Houdini Home (usually is My Document\Houdni<version>), HOUDINI_ACCESS_METHOD = 2 Optional, you may want Houdini 18+ write Multipart for EXR by add this into Houdini.env: HOUDINI_OIIO_EXR = 1 Output Driver in Hqueue simulation is the name of the cache And after fighting with this super intelligent Skynet... ah uh no, it's Hqueue, I decide to go naked with Deadline or just simple do each machine render with a hython kick .bat file, that night I sleep well, full blossom flowers but not wake up in midnight just to make sure my render tell me any puzzle to solve until next morning or even worse, lunch.
  7. Vortex Cloud Simulation

    Awesome internet took me here while I tried to solve my problem with pyro by using AXIOM solver. I have cross product of N to introduce swirl around a mesh, then do want to increase the speed of v but not make the smoke expand in same acceleration speed magnitude value. I did not know about centripetal force until Hristo Velev from FB Grp Hodini Artist point me to some of this knowledge. Thank you. My solve for this is create divergence field and push it inward (negative value) but solve by TIME STEP but not solve by every frame, in the same time Velocity field will add in with method PULL to act as a drag slowly accelerate to the max value but not add in right away. That was my case. Here is cross product result: And here is result from add more speed but can not reduce expand
  8. Where Do I Place An HDA File?

    I know it is an old topic. But since I am digging internet to make AWS Thinkbox Deadline work for network HDA, here is path set which good to go for current Houdini version, it good for me. HOUDINI_OTLSCAN_PATH = $HOUDINI_PATH;@/otls; this is where I learn from: https://vfxbrain.wordpress.com/2019/11/20/hudini-env-file-on-windows/
  9. Atom's Link Page

    thank you, this is so useful.
  10. Rendering slices of pyro

    or you can use a Volume VOP then sampler that volume with half of the dimension you want to slice then multiply all back to @density. You will get half or what ever slice angle.
  11. bump map not moving with geometry

    if your objects are moving, you need a @rest attribute for static frame. Rest node has 2 input. Input Right: Use a TimeShift to capture at only Frame begin where that object static Input Left is your animated object Then feed that Rest attribute into your shader texture/noise Hope it helps
  12. Arnold Mesh Light doesn't work

    Hi, it's been a long time and still I benefit from you share @Juraj Thank you, that's why forum always worth than Fb
  13. Is that because it is boolean so you need to add a sop Divide for a better result
  14. How to clump vellum grains - Help!

    There are: Attraction in Vellum Solver Vellum Constraint with glue or distance You can mix both to help enable the most looks for your taste.
  15. Warcraft‘s Medivh effect?Need help

    try pop attraction