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  1. FLIP simulation problem

    try with a small object and in the same thing the previous posts has done before you went to that massive scale, my goodness, look at that scale I feel pain of waiting while living in real-time trending age.
  2. Mantra Snapshots lost after restart

    unfortunately, you only can save a snap shot (by disk button on the right of those snapshots) into disk. What stay at snapshot will gone forever once it crashes or restart. There is no history for Mantra snapshot like V-Ray did a very good job on that for their users.
  3. Whitewater setup for Large Ocean Toolkit

    Maybe everybody found it, but still I leave it here for better future search, there is an attribute from the ocean evaluation call `curp` which you can drive for whitewater source or pop network https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/sop/oceanevaluate.html Cusp Attribute Add a cusp point attribute to the output geometry that represents the sharpness of the wave peaks at any point, with values ranging from below 0 if the wave is stretched out, to greater than 1 if the wave peak is so sharp it has inverted. Cusp Direction Attribute Add a cuspdir vector point attribute to the output geometry that points in the direction of the wave peaks. Visualize Cusp Visualize the cusp attribute by color. Attribute Ramp The color ramp with which to visualize the cusp attribute.
  4. RTX3090 / Houdini / Windows 10

    hi, did you figured it out ? got a problem with Houdini 18.5.462 with the same thing also "...Memory allocate .." Keep crashing even without UI simulation, pop net, whitewater will make it crashes easily above 2 mils.
  5. Rolling Waves

    I hope somebody will benefit from this, rolling wave, curl wave, banzai, pipe wave .... etc Here is a tutorial create from Vel and also from this great resource that can make not only giant wave but even modify to dod a twisted pool or vortex-like in the pirate of caribbean, maelstrom link: https://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=Houdini#Wave_deformer
  6. Render huge amount instances

    I got a scene similar and keep crashing, got 128Gb Ram here (Windows machine). Would love to follow the topic
  7. I guess this one can help you https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/vex/functions/pcopen.html Technically it will search within radius of a pt for neighbour pts and save to number of points found https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/vex/functions/pcnumfound.html
  8. VDB From Polygons , HOLES IN VDB

    There is a way I have just learned. You can scatter points on your mesh then convert to VDB collision which could produce faster workflow in some case rather than go and fix every meshes you had.
  9. Resources for Art Fundamentals

    You have to begun start study and you will reply that question by your self slowly in time.
  10. Resources for Art Fundamentals

    I hope this help, this is very rich art fundamental resources from Neil Blevin (Soulburn) and he translates it into CGI very well http://www.neilblevins.com/art_lessons/art_lessons.htm
  11. Fluid Pump Not Working

    Hi Bunker, thank you for your help. Can I know why we need to resize the field? can I know how you know to do this way ? Edit: nvm, figured it out. It's vel anyway. h18.5 inject it as vel field into volume source plug to volume velocity of fluid solver then it does the job. Pump is old feature.
  12. Robust solution for RBD Fracture???

    Usually detail work will do with recursive workflow for rbd fracture. That best simple than using the compilation tool in Houdini which heavier. You can set all pieces go to original 0,0,0 then detail them there then return all result back to their position.
  13. Moving Flip Container injects Velocity

    I assume you implemented the boundary vel from maintained ocean source vel. Maybe remove that will help.
  14. dealing with open geometry

    Just curious, can you post your issue screenshot here? I would want to see that mesh. If possible.
  15. dealing with open geometry

    Did you create vdb topology ? Its purpose to create the vdb along only on surface so technical you have an object similar image above. Is that what you want ?