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  1. Wedging Specific Values

    Hi, Is there a way to wedge a parameter using several values that I specify? I can only see how to use randomized values or equally spaced values within a range. But what if I want to wedge with 0.3, 1.2 and 15, for example? Thanks!
  2. Detect Object Thickness

    Hi, I need to create a map of an object's thickness for shading purposes. I'd like to tint the thin parts of the object and the thick ones differently. Is there a node that can do this in the Mat context? Thanks!
  3. Can't Get Rid of Particle Stepping

    Great tip, thanks!
  4. Can't Get Rid of Particle Stepping

    That was it! Interestingly, if I also cache the Debris Source SOP before it's fed into the POP Network (also caching the same number of substeps), the POP Network doesn't read the substeps and I get gaps again. But if I don't cache it, it works perfect! I guess something about caching the Debris Source SOP messes things up, but this isn't crucial. Thanks so much for your help!
  5. Can't Get Rid of Particle Stepping

    Hi, I'm trying to get rid of particle stepping issues caused by a fast moving source. I've tried many different solutions but none have worked. Basically, I have a Debris Source SOP, and the points from there are fed into a POP Network. The stepping is due to the fast movement of the source particles from the Debris Source. Things I've tried: 1) Increasing substepping on the POP Network - doesn't seem to do much, and going too high makes the sim explode. 2) Adding a Trail SOP after the Debris Source - doesn't produce a good result, because the trails are created along a rigid straight trajectory between the interpolated positions. 3) Timeshift the Debris Source one frame back, use a Point Wrangle to interpolate the modified points and the original points with a lerp function. This creates a jittery motion path because the interpolation bias between the positions isn't constant (and if it were constant, this would essentially be like a trail SOP). 4) In the POP Network, switch on Jitter Birth Time and Interpolate Source. Helps somewhat, but still leaves visible gaps. 5) Point Jitter - really just fuzzes everything up. Really, I don't understand why substepping doesn't do the trick, isn't this exactly what it's for? There has to be a solution to this, it seems this would be a very common problem in FX... Thanks for any help!
  6. Clustered Constraints in RBD Simulation

    Hi everyone, I'm pretty stuck on an RBD simulation I'm working on. Here's a brief description of the problem: The shot has a building that's supposed to explode. I've set up clusters using constraints (strong glue constraints inside clusters, weaker glue constrains between clusters), and everything works fine until I try to break them selectively using a SOP Solver. The basic idea is, at the moment of the explosion, to break the weak constraints running between the clusters while keeping the stronger intracluster constraints intact. I have in fact been able to do this, but the problem is that the pieces don't budge after the constraints have been broken. Only if I break all of the constraints in the area of the explosion (weak and strong), do the pieces actually fly off and explode, but then obviously they do so not as clusters but just as individual pieces. For some reason, maintaining the intracluster constraints intact prevents the pieces from moving at all. I tried increasing the force of the explosion and also reducing the density of the pieces, but this hasn't helped. I'm attaching the file, I tried organizing and labeling everything as clearly as possible. If anyone has any idea or suggestion what I might be doing wrong, I'd really appreciate your help. Thanks a lot! Constraints_Problem.hip
  7. Can't Get Field Force To Work

    Awesome, thanks so much! Not sure why I did that, but glad you noticed it
  8. Can't Get Field Force To Work

    Thanks for your reply! That does indeed work. However when I now try to time the force to activate on a certain frame, this somehow breaks the setup and again doesn't work. Any ideas? Field_Force_Switch.hip
  9. Can't Get Field Force To Work

    Hi everyone, I'm doing some testing for a shot, it's my first time using the Field Force DOP and I can't seem to get it to work. I think I followed the help documentation exactly, but something's going wrong. I have a basic RBD setup in SOPS (see the red area in the attached photo), as well as some geo to act as a field (see the green area). As you can see, this geo has an attribute VOP where the points are assigned velocity values. In the DOP network, I can actually see the force vectors drawn in the viewport, and they match the velocities I applied in SOPS, indicating that the values are indeed being properly read. However, when I kick off the simulation, nothing happens. I tried kicking up the Scale Force attribute way up, but this still didn't help. I've attached the file itself, if anyone feels like giving it a look. I'd appreciate any advice you may have! Thanks Field Force.hip