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  1. Hbatch "killed"

    Any news? I have the same problem
  2. Emit smoke from particles

    Hello, i have this question, how can i emit smoke from particles, like the combination pflow + fumefx, im doing some debris from a wall, and i wanna have some dust, thanks in advance
  3. Group by size

    Hello everyone, how i can do groups by geometry size, per example, i want have the little chunks of a demolition thanks
  4. Hi, i have the same problem now, any solve?. i tried with permissions but not luck yet
  5. Hi people, im having a problem with black render peaks, i tried everything, , do you know how can i fix this? Thanks
  6. Black peaks problems in pbr and micropolygon

    Thanks Guys, sorry for the delay, dennis i tried all, the normals looks right i never tried with The IOR and a custom fresnel, ill upload the scene later when i come home. Thanks guys
  7. Emitting along Normals

    can you share the scene, maybe i can help
  8. Alembic primitive/point colors to Maya?

    Hello Galakgorr. thanks for your tip, have you tried to export velocity to mesh from houdini with alermbic to use in render?, Thanks
  9. Im trying to setup a deformable object for collision, but its not working. maybe some idea Scene attached Thanks in advance bullet_deform.hip
  10. Bullet Works with deformation (animated objects) in H12?

    Thanks, ill try this scene, thanks everyone for the interest, ill post my progress later
  11. Bullet Works with deformation (animated objects) in H12?

    But you say you are using the 12.0.588 version
  12. Bullet Works with deformation (animated objects) in H12?

    Thanks ill try with lastest build, i have in the list the 12.0.562 i dont see 588
  13. Bullet Works with deformation (animated objects) in H12?

    the group mask is for the floor, I do not want to move, but I think that is the problem, you know another way? without keyframe, more procedural thanks
  14. Bullet Works with deformation (animated objects) in H12?

    Hi thanks for answer, i change the collision relationship but the sphere dont affect the wall
  15. pyro Auto resize and upres problem

    Hello people i have this problem, im trying with the autoresize technique with sop solver, but i have a problem when i try to create the upres sim, the upres node cant find the required fields for the process, I attached the file so that you can see hopefully you can help me because I needs to use the AutoResize with upres thanks autoresize_and_upres.hip
  16. Win 64 hou 11.1.118 compile

  17. Win 64 hou 11.1.118 compile

    try this
  18. for you guys windows 64 11.1.67 compilation i test it and works
  19. Magnet force and glue problem

    Hello people, i have a problem, im trying to explode and object fractured in sop, in dop i have a rbd glue, and a magnet force with negative value, but when i start to sim, the magnet force dont have influence, maybe glue needs a first impact to activate, i tried with rbd fracture and works very well, but this dont have the "constraint" between object that i want, and all collapses. How can i explode with rbd glue and metaball force or something? i hope i expressed my self well Thanks in advance
  20. Housing collapse

    Hi, Macha your .hip crash when i try to modify something or just select, do you know why? Thanks
  21. Houdini to Realflow mesh .bin files

    Great Man, your tool its our salvation
  22. python; retreiving simulation impact points

    Hello Man, thanks for sharing, very great tool
  23. Particle fluids

    H In houdini 11 you have some automatic tools for create particle fluid from flip too, this creates a flip solver and a contaner and its very fast, i think that is what you need.
  24. Flamethrower effects?

    please, upload a preview of your scene
  25. Hello people How can i disable self shadows from geometry?, i dont find some way thanks in advance