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  1. How would I go about accessing specific camera attributes in VEX? I have a subnetwork with a camera operator path input field. Inside that subnetwork I'd like to access camera attributes from whichever camera is in that operator path field. I'm unfamiliar with these types of attributes, as they are not point or primitive attributes. Inside the subnetwork I have a wrangle set to run over detail attributes, which I can access the camera focus by using the regular copy / paste relative reference method, but this doesn't use the operator path input field back up on the subnetwork itself. Kind of confused as to how I would go about this. I have a feeling I'm messing something up to do with mixing string / float attributes? Access_Camera_Attributes_In_VEX.hip
  2. Creating Custom Shelf Buttons [SOLVED]

    Incredible! Thank you so much @jkunz07 This has really made my day! I really do spend a lot of time jumping in and out of the preferences window all day long.
  3. Creating Custom Shelf Buttons [SOLVED]

    Hi thanks @Fenolis I was hoping for an easy shelf button so I can quickly switch between the two ideally. I don't want to have to do the whole copy to points thing whenever I want to switch back and forth between points and discs. I know it's a quick setup to do that, but not ideal when doing this many times a day across multiple projects.
  4. I've been working with particles a lot recently and find myself continuously needing to open the 'display options' window to switch between displaying particles as points or discs (so I can visualise the pscale in viewport). Would these two display options be something I could add to the shelf as two buttons? Display particles as points and display particles as discs? I have no knowledge of how to create shelf buttons.
  5. Find Polys That Don't Have Extruded Thickness [SOLVED]

    Very nice, thanks for that little secret @Atom! Makes extruding both sides of a mesh a lot easier, especially being able to dissolve the middle edge. This thickens everything all together rather than just the thin objects, but in finding this Labs Thicken SOP, I also saw the Labs Calculate Thickness SOP. I managed to combine the power of both to first calculate the thickness of each model part, then only thicken the pieces that weren't enclosed shapes. If anyone wants to see the process, the file is attached. Extrude_Only_Thin_Polys.hip
  6. Hello Houdini wizards! I have some data from Maya I'm trying to turn into a VDB so I can remesh into a single surface. This model has a lot of single sided flat polys without extrusion thickness. Is there a way I can group or select just these polys so I can peak or extrude them to give them some thickness?
  7. Pop Grain Birth Collisions [SOLVED]

    Cheers @Atom worked like a charm!
  8. Pop Grain Birth Collisions [SOLVED]

    When emitting particles as pop grains, is there a way to avoid particles from emitting inside the already existing particles? Here the yellow grain is birthed inside the same space as the purple one, which then sharply pushes it away. Can this sort of thing be avoided at all? Grain_Birth_Problem.hiplc
  9. Random Seed Question [SOLVED]

    Apologies I missed this reply, thanks for clearing this up for me!
  10. Random Seed Question [SOLVED]

    Hello, I'm trying to understand seed values a bit more - When randomising a value with an integer seed value eg +1, +100, +1000 etc. Are each of these values completely random, or does a smaller seed number mean less variation in values than if I use a large seed number? For example: rand($PT + 1) vs rand($PT + 1526) - Glenn
  11. Point Deform Problem

    Dang I had completely forgotten about this. Thanks for pointing this out. Your .hip file example does work for me, and I had tried something identical to this already, but was hoping to do away with all the extra created geometry in my scene. Not to worry, this technique does work so I will roll with this option for now. Many thanks for the help @Noobini
  12. Point Deform Problem

    I'm trying to use the Point Deform SOP to deform a poly tube object, but the Point Deform only seems to translate the points rather than rotate / aim the points when deforming. I've attached an example scene to help show my issue, also see this image: Point_Deform_Problem.hiplc
  13. Vellum Hair Bouncing On Pin To Animation Point [SOLVED]

    I found a solution from an older post over on the SideFX forums if anyone else has this issue: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/52024/
  14. My Vellum hairs are jumping around. They are attached via the pin to animation method - Although the points they are copied to are being moved around via a curl noise inside a volume vop. This is the only slightly strange part. If I copy the Vellum hairs just to a regular grid of points, the jumping doesn't occur. HIP file attached with a switch to show both methods. I'm confused as to why one would work as expected and the other bounces around everywhere. Vellum_Hairball_v01.hip
  15. Multiple Vellum Copies Deforming High Res Geo [SOLVED]

    I did end up solving this problem, but forgot to come back with the solution. I ended up posting about it recently, along with the working file over on the SideFX forums here: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/76845/