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  1. Random Seed Question

    Hello, I'm trying to understand seed values a bit more - When randomising a value with an integer seed value eg +1, +100, +1000 etc. Are each of these values completely random, or does a smaller seed number mean less variation in values than if I use a large seed number? For example: rand($PT + 1) vs rand($PT + 1526) - Glenn
  2. Point Deform Problem

    Dang I had completely forgotten about this. Thanks for pointing this out. Your .hip file example does work for me, and I had tried something identical to this already, but was hoping to do away with all the extra created geometry in my scene. Not to worry, this technique does work so I will roll with this option for now. Many thanks for the help @Noobini
  3. Point Deform Problem

    I'm trying to use the Point Deform SOP to deform a poly tube object, but the Point Deform only seems to translate the points rather than rotate / aim the points when deforming. I've attached an example scene to help show my issue, also see this image: Point_Deform_Problem.hiplc
  4. Vellum Hair Bouncing On Pin To Animation Point [SOLVED]

    I found a solution from an older post over on the SideFX forums if anyone else has this issue: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/52024/
  5. My Vellum hairs are jumping around. They are attached via the pin to animation method - Although the points they are copied to are being moved around via a curl noise inside a volume vop. This is the only slightly strange part. If I copy the Vellum hairs just to a regular grid of points, the jumping doesn't occur. HIP file attached with a switch to show both methods. I'm confused as to why one would work as expected and the other bounces around everywhere. Vellum_Hairball_v01.hip
  6. Multiple Vellum Copies Deforming High Res Geo [SOLVED]

    I did end up solving this problem, but forgot to come back with the solution. I ended up posting about it recently, along with the working file over on the SideFX forums here: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/76845/
  7. Create Attribute Facing A Direction [SOLVED]

    Perfect, thank you so much @bunker!
  8. Just trying some stuff out while I'm learning.. I've managed to have control over where a new attribute is being created, although it's currently using a bounding box set to Y position only. How would I go about changing this sort of thing from just a Y direction to having control over a vector angle? hip file attached Create_Attribute_Facing_Direction.hip
  9. This is a bit of a tricky one, so I'll start with what I'm trying to achieve.. I'd like to end up with a block or group of scattered objects that is tileable in a seamless pattern. I'm trying to make use of the UV layout's packing system, which does a great job of pushing all the objects right up to each other, with a really nice even gap in between each object. I'm using some VEX to reposition the UV'd objects into 3D space, however I'd like a more randomised layout, rather than all the large and small objects packed together next to each other. If I tile this square of objects, it's going to be very visible that this is a tiled object. I guess this is going against how the UV layout node is setup to work? Would anyone have any ideas on how to achieve a more randomised look? Hip file attached of where I'm up to. Pattern_v01.hip
  10. Randomise Light Hue Colour [SOLVED]

    Hi laurups, thanks so much for this! I had used a similar expression once before to lock an object to a specific point on another object. I forgot this can be used to access all the different point attributes too. Thank you for this, and the clear explanation!
  11. Hello, I have a short looping Redshift proxy being scattered using the Copy To Points SOP (a simple bouncing ball just for a test). How would I go about randomly offsetting the animation time so the balls aren't all bouncing at exactly the same time? HIP file and RS Proxy sequence attached RS_Proxy_Randomise_Sequence_Offset.hip RS_Proxy_Sequence.rar
  12. How can I randomise the hue of a light colour? So far I have tried using the Motion FX Noise, but the problem here is the RGB values go above 1, making the light too colour bright. I tried another example where I coloured a sphere red, then used a Point VOP with a Colour Correct node, then Motion FX to randomise the hue of the initial set red colour. This way works best, because it is truly randomising the red hue from it's initial set red colour and the rgb values do not go above 1. My problem here is I don't know how to get those @Cd colour values onto the light itself. Can I type vex expressions into the RGB values of a light to grab the @Cd from another object? HIP File attached of where I am at. Random_Hue_Shift_Light_Colour.hip
  13. Hello, is there a way to find out what is taking up the most amount of save disk space inside my HIP file? My file size has jumped up higher recently.. Possibly I have frozen an object somewhere in my scene, but I am unsure where that might be. Is there a way to see which objects are taking up the most space?
  14. Multiple Vellum Copies Deforming High Res Geo [SOLVED]

    Hi @nuki! Apologies for the late reply, I didn't receive a notification someone had replied here. I like your way of creating a unique class attribute for each of the low res copies. I mostly understand what you've done and the reason behind why this wasn't working initially, but I have a couple of questions: Your for each loop, is it's purpose to make copies of the high res objects and transfer the unique class attribute onto the high res copies? I'm not sure I'm understanding how its doing this, and what the blast is for inside that network. I am also unfamiliar with the compiled block network. I had a quick read of the help file.. Is this step not 100% necessary, but used to to multithread the for each process, making it faster to compile? Thanks for your help!
  15. Create Absolute Reference Copy Of A Node

    I found this post where @graham has built some tools which adds a right click menu that allows you to create an absolute reference copy of a node, but I am having troubling getting the script to work. https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/28841/?page=1#post-297277 I've followed the Houdini.env install instructions bu am met with a never ending stream of errors on the Houdini console when opening Houdini. I've also tried the packages install method without any luck (as I'm a scripting novice).