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  1. Collaboration with hdbp.io

    Well, there's a patreon page: patreon.com/hdbp
  2. Hi everyone, especially the ODForce Team. I am the creator of www.hdbp.io, an In-browser houdini-viewer. The files uploaded in odforces threads are amazing, but currently very cumbersome to open, especially when you have multiple files in one thread. (You know the deal: Download the file, save it somewhere, open houdini, finding the file, opening it...) With hdbp.io I think we could change that. Users can still download files directly, so nothing gets lost, but being able to open them in the browser would obviously be a big help. Of course hdbp.io is completely free. Thoughts? Any feedback is welcomed.
  3. Collaboration with hdbp.io

    I talked to Marc from odforce the other day. I am currently developing a plugin for the editor, so people can upload their files via hdbp.io. It will propably take me some time, but it's in the works. Thanks everyone.
  4. Vellum Balloon Solver

  5. Basically VDB is a container, SDF is a certain type of information (distance to surface, with negative numbers for being "behind" the surface). SDF can be hold inside a VDB, but also inside a "classical" Volume. So, no it's not the same. The Link from Milad Savar is a good starting point.
  6. Repulsionpak

    There is a nice blueprint for exactly that here: https://hdbp.io/aghr6Rkt It's based on this tutorial: (just realised it's the same logic as in the video above)
  7. Particles from particles

    You can find SEPUs Setup here: https://hdbp.io/LIOxHpQe
  8. Thanks, happy you like it. If you want to support it - just use it, so more people get used to it. Thanks!
  9. Thanks, man. Plese give it a try if you like it. Everyone can upload and it's a nice way of sharing files (That's why I, you know, created it...)
  10. I usually just build my own blendshape node with a simple VEX code using lerp() - just one line. https://hdbp.io/BjGNeLeB Easy to change to what you need: https://hdbp.io/e0iS3H5J I find it easier than Aizatulin approach, since you can control the attribute distribution completely by the nodes you want.
  11. How to emit smoke from fractured objects

    Personally I would stay away from shelf tools. Most of the time they don't do what you want when you combine them. Try to understand what they do instead. Here is a blueprint of what you are trying to do, maybe it helps: https://hdbp.io/l7RvfsKT It's a multi-step approach. First create debris points, emit from them, then use the emitted points as a pyro source.
  12. Channel Reference outside of DOPs

    Seems like your path is not correct. ch("../PARMNAME") only references to the parent node. If you want to reference a specific node you can put in the whole path like ch("/obj/NODE1/NODE2/PARAMETER"). The easiest way to achive that is by right-clicking on the parm and chosing "Copy parameter" and then drop it somewhere with right click "Paste Relative Reference". But to me it sounds like you don't want to read out a parameter, but Attributes (because you talk about coloring stuff). For this you would read out the data with a "attribute copy" or "attribute transfer" and reference in the geometry via an "object merge". Here is an example for both: https://hdbp.io/tklnI8ts
  13. texturing destruction

    Your approach is mostly correct. You set UVs before you fracture the geo. You could also UV the interior parts after the fracture. You then just use textures in your material like normal, using those UVs. You don't see them in the viewport, because your points are packed, just unpack them after the sim (with unpack for example) and you should see the materials with textures (if they have textures). Either way - the textures should show up in the rendering.
  14. Particles from particles

    Deleted, sepus approach is much nicer.
  15. POP Emit Primitive ?

    Not sure what you mean. A default POP Network emits from the surface, not the points: https://hdbp.io/uqeIqFFp Or do you want to emit faces? Then just change the "Emission Type" in the POP Source to "All Geometry": https://hdbp.io/JyEwxv0T
  16. Particles from particles

    It is possible with a popreplicate: hdbp.io/7GRtigQ8 But it is a bad idea, since your number raises exponentially (That's why I had to turn off the preview pics): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wheat_and_chessboard_problem So on frame 24 you already have 16.7 Mio points, on frame 33.5 Mio...etc. So it becomes unhand-able very quickly.
  17. I created a blueprint for a simple vellum approach as well, if anyone is interested: hdbp.io/67D0rRej Same as Grand Master, really. But using the max_distance parameter in the "attach geometry" constraint.