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  1. Hello, HALVR is a FL based, mid-size studio working primarily in the AEC industry, building real cities in UE4. We are looking for a senior (or extremely talented) Houdini Technical Director to join our team, working to develop our pipeline for building real cities in UE4, along with generated gameplay elements. Will have a lot of similarities to the work David Santiago did on Spider-Man, with some unique challenges for our industry. Position could be full-time or contract, remote or in-house. You: Are a Houdini expert Procedural modelling guru Have experience implementing gameplay features & data via Houdini Work well with others Us: Great team of 30+ creatives Half in-house, half remote Working on major national and international projects High Salaries + benefits Pros: Leadership skills Tech-art/rending pipeline experience Python and C++ experience Unreal Engine expert If you think you're a fit. Please reach out ASAP! dorian@halvr.com www.halvr.com www.imerza.com