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  1. Baking Indirect Illumination

    Hi, I'm having a similar issue. So I am trying to bake hair curves/ groom on hair cards with the texturebake ROP. So I couldn't get the Indirect lighting as well before, but reading this tread, I managed to get the proper image plane. The main issue I am having is that I need to get the reflection/ refraction image planes as well. I think this has to do with the fact that there is no point camera to create incidence angle with the hair curves so that specular highlights/ reflections would be created and baked onto the card. So I tried to have the position of some arbitrary camera be referenced in the hair shader and plugged into a refract and reflect lighting node that then gets bound out to a custom attribute, which is referenced in the extra image plane. Still renders black. Please, If anyone has an idea how to solve this, I'd be most grateful :))
  2. Hey guys, I have a question about rendering and baking AOVs with Mantra. From the extra image planes I managed to render out LPE planes such as beauty, direct diffuse, indirect diffuse, direct glossy reflections, and glossy transmission for a hair groom. They turn out great. The problem is when I try to bake those same image planes from the hair groom onto cards. The LPE image planes come out black. If I try render any of the other image planes like root to tip color, hairID, transparency, diffuse unlit color or any other custom passes, those come out great, but all the LPE passes don't render. I suspect this has to do with the absence of a single camera point, so specular reflections, transmission, and other camera dependent BSDF functions don't produce anything. Is there a way around this? Is there a way I can feed a fake camera/eye point in space to the hair shader and then bake that lighting on a card? In a way to create a static fake incidence angle that references a camera I am not actually rendering through? I am also experiencing problems setting up ambient occlusion to be baked from the hair onto cards, a tip on that would be most wellcome. I am using the bake texture ROP. any feedback would be most appreciated, cheers