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  1. mask velocity in volume src

    Is this for setting initial velocity, so eg. smoke doesn't get pushed around after emission? in this case I would mask the vel field with density before the sim, for instance by multiplying the 2 volumes. Tbh I don't quite understand the goal, if there's no density, there's nothing to be pushed around by velocity, therefore by definition it is "masked"...
  2. Preventing particles emitting from two objects points

    You can set emission source groups on the pop source node, just have to set up grouping before feeding the geo to the popnet.
  3. Vellum approach to splashing water droplets

    Genius!! Thank you all so much for looking into it, I had a feeling this would be something trivial like this... I'll post a scene when I got it looking nice:) Have a great long weekend!
  4. Vellum approach to splashing water droplets

    studio standards... not a fan either...
  5. target pops to orientation and position

    Cache it out and play it in reverse? You can play around with a per point time offset using for-each loops, check out CGWiki! Another way would be to use a VOP and interpolate between the point's current position/orientation and a rest position/orientation.
  6. Vellum approach to splashing water droplets

    Thanks for the contribution, appreciate it! I tested your idea and although in theory it could work, iterating through 30-50 dopnets (which is my approximate droplet count) is super sluggish. Not really familiar with TOPs yet and I'm sure there's a more efficient way to bring this all together in a single dopnet. Still looking for solutions! It must be something super basic... Once again, the task: "Newly born particles to drive Vellum softbodies, no need for collision between them, possibly in a single dopnet"
  7. Vellum approach to splashing water droplets

    Anyone? got a deadline next week.. :S
  8. Hi forum! Seeking out some help here, cos I can't get my head around generating vellum geometry. I am working on a scene where I need to create close-up splashing water droplets on a static surface. Typically this would probably be a FLIP task but it seems like overkill and I am only after a couple of droplets, so the idea is to make rain and splashes with particles, copy some spheres on them and feed them to vellum to get some nice softbodies, then VDB them. My problem is I don't understand how I can "emit" on my source points that come to existence arbitrarily (ie. not on frame 1) and differentiate the newly created vellum patches. I've looked around, watched the masterclasses, I understand it has to be somehow parallel to constraint creation, maintain point count/id etc, but I cant figure out the solution. Its gonna be a single splash so continuous emission (as in a particle emitter per se) doesn't work for me. Any pointers are appreciated, check the hip for a rough sketch of the problem! Thanks in advance! od_vellum_splash.hip