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  1. I have just one $sf.sim file which corresponds to simulation frame 118. But if I load it into initial state and then change the start to 352 (352 is my 118th sf because the sim actually started from 235). And then start to cache the bgeo.sc while “save checkpoints” is ticked, Houdini behaves like it wants to continue by simming 3 new frames and then starts cooking (not caching them but loading them up in its memory in order to continue) from the beginning (235). Why is that?
  2. Hello, this may seem odd for majority of you who live in a country with constant electricity. I am making a rigid simulation of say 700 frames. I have already cached it up to 400 frames before our power supply got cut off and my pc went flat. Now, if power is restored and I change the frame range on the file cache node to 401 - 700, and then click save to disk. The dop network would start from frame one until it gets to 400 and then start caching. My question is this, how do I tell the dop net to start from frame 400 using the last positions of all rigid pieces already cached as the start point ?? Thanks
  3. the wallpaper on the brick doesn't show in render. Don't know why. I'm using redshift EDIT: I figured it out. I wasn't selecting the geometry. Oversight
  4. Please, can you guide me on how to change the start and end frame of the simulation? If I change the key frames available on the "animation_along_path" node from 1 - 240, to say 200 - 440, the wheel doesn't spin as soon as it gets to 240.
  5. Thanks man but I noticed if I change the keyframe on "animation_along_path" from 1 - 240 to something else, say 200 - 440. The wheel doesnt spin as soon as it gets past frame 240. How would I go ahead to make the wheel spin if I extended the animation past frame 240?
  6. Thanks for the reply. I will take a look at the hipfile and give feedback.
  7. Thanks for your reply but I already know how to do that. My problem is that I want a certain wallpaper (say a lion wallpaper) as a texture on the front side of the wall. Then as the brick wall shatters (as in the first gif you shared), I want the remaining five sides of each brick to take a different texture (say checkerboard). Do you gave an idea how to implement?
  8. Hello everyone, I work with Houdini and Maya, I am having a problem figuring out how to uv and add textures to a rigid simulation. Here's the problem: I have a brick wall which when acted upon by a geo which is sphere will shatter upon impact. Unlike other sims I have worked on, I don't want the wall to shatter as different voronoi pieces but as bricks. That's, every rectangular brick will be a piece. Now, I have a wallpaper which I want to be on front side of the wall as a texture. Furthermore, as the brick wall shatters, I want the other 5 sides of each brick to have a different texture (say a checkerboard). I have done rigid sims and i know how to add texture, but since this is a brickwall, it is a problem thinking how to go about it. My problem is how do I create the UV and how do I assign the textures bearing in mind that the wallpaper must sit and align on the front side of the wall? I can't imagine myself texturing 100 bricks one by one. Thanks in advance.