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  1. ohhh i see thanks for the explanation and tip andrea. now i get it. i lso do what you said use tracking object, now it work thank you very much
  2. I have alembic file with animation and emitting smoke but my bounding box always go to center in the next frame. at the first pic you see my bounding box is in a right place. in the 2nd pic next frame the bounding box is in the center of the worldspace. please help
  3. I have a raining scene and I want to delete the points using my wiper object. I already search for the vex code but no luck. while the wiper is moving I want some of the point grow back. I think sop solver will do the trick but I have no idea. I am still new to houdini. Thanks. I
  4. Hi try this https://www.cgcircuit.com/course/dust-storm-in-houdini
  5. I found out what is wrong my smoke object always move at the center of the world space. why is it happening?
  6. Help I am doing burnout smoke sim and I think my set up is wrong. my dissipation is already turn off and the smoke still die when the particle emitter is dead. Thank you for your help Most_Driver.abc Wheel SmokeV3.hip
  7. Simulating wind from fan or turbine

    Hi art3mis. how did you do that kind of smoke effect? I need to do this kind of effect
  8. Thanks again Step I already got it. My brain is not working awhile ago haha but now I already got it thank you step cheers.
  9. sorry for my bad explanation. yes i want to instance a leaves or trees on the points and oriented them with the normal of the terrain. sorry for the trouble man I am really new to houdini. I uploaded the file can you check if my nodes are in the right position or somethings missing. thanks a lot Parking_Leaves2.hip Camera_TreesV3.abc
  10. Hi man can i ask how to make the point faces to the normal of the mesh
  11. Thanks a lot man. I will read the documents about vex function. have a nice day cheers.
  12. THANK YOU SO MUCH StepbyStepVFX i did your first solution and it works.. vector pos = minpos(1, @P); can you explain this to me if thats okay. thanks again can you help me again to make rotation base on the normal of the mesh thanks
  13. Hi guys I need help to make the points follow the shape of a mesh or position of the mesh. thanks in advance
  14. Flip level goes down

    I think you need to lower your particle seperation. I kinda experience that