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  1. Dust effects

    Hello, I'm trying to make dust effects like Avengers. I used color attribute by boolean and use pop with it. I'm struggling with generating pop and there is some lagging like the video I upload. How could I fit it and makes it looks right way of emitting particle as well? untitled.mov dust_effects.hiplc
  2. growing line effects

    Thank you for your help! Is that possible to change the speed of line moving away?
  3. growing line effects

    Hello, everyone. I'm trying to make the growing line apart from object and I have few problem. So far, I made growing line from object and i would like it to move away from the center which means that the center of pop generation is too high density. However, I keep the speed as slow and I just want wires (I generated it by pop and use vdb so, looks like wire growing) go away from center slowly, so looks center less density. Sorry, my explanation is too bad since I'm not native speaker, but hopefully you guys understand what I said by file I attached. And, if you know good way the wire looks sharp, please help me. Thank you. grow_wire.zip