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  1. Use Marvelous Designer Cloth Sim with Vellum in Houdini

    you can use "polyreduce" node to decrease primitives number in your objects
  2. Vellum Cloth Tips and Tricks question

    Hi Zigmund! First, You should simulate cloth using constraint cloth without pin to target constraint , and then, you may see some part of cloth should be more free to flow in air, in that case you should get simulated output cloth from previous level as a input for new simulation using pin to target constraint and pin painted points from this cloth to corresponding points from last simulation, Usually in "pin to target constraint " simulation we do pin points to corresponding points at simulated cloth not a fixed and unmoving cloth
  3. Vellum to CopyToPoints

    Hi, You should use pointdeform node to fix the points on the cloth surface I have uploaded screenshot here