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  1. 1 year of SOP playing.

    I've spend almost a year playing around SOP nodes over the same model during my rest time. Here are some results. https://picasaweb.go...feat=directlink http://www.z-way.org/script-and-gizmo/houdini/houdinimodeling
  2. Point on UV

    Hi, I'm looking for a simple way to attach a point tu UV's coordinate of an animated shape. This works pretty well while using a ScatterSOP on UV attribute. Any idea? Thank's
  3. Point on UV

    Yea, something like this for but that could work on polygon surface's UV.
  4. Right angle curve

    Good day, I'm looking for a simple way to convert a line or a curve in a curve composed only with right angle edges. I have try to use Fuse SOP in Snap/Grid mode but this gave me 45 degrees angle too. Any idea?
  5. Right angle curve

    I did a little HDA using the 3 methods that we find in this post. It works only on 2 points polyline. Feel free to modify/improve it. I've made a test on my favorite model Lisa where i made pipes distribution which was my main goal basicaly Piper.otl
  6. Right angle curve

    Very interesting too Thanks
  7. Right angle curve

    Thank's ben, Very interesting, this can be a good base for a strairs generator
  8. Right angle curve

    Thank's acey195, Yes, i'm actualy fine with my last method as it's very modular. But i feel this not very elegant and i was expecting to find out a method which i did not think about. But, maybe there is not
  9. Right angle curve

    Your right, sorry I'm looking to do exactly what the LineQuantize.hip give as result. But the Fuse SOP in snap mode looks more like a "trick" than a real method for me. In the LineQuantize2.hip, i've tried to do a different system. I create an axis matrix and start from a point, draw the matrix, create lines from end points of every matrix component to the end point of the line, keep the shortest line point, and repeat this for every step. This gives also interesting(different) results comparing to FuseSOP. Because there is a multitude of way for going from one point to another passing only by right angles lines, I was just wondering if there is a more reliable/simple way of making such thing. Interesting informations: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taxicab_geometry LineQuantize2.hipnc
  10. Right angle curve

    Here is a more simple version of what you've sent. As i explained at the begining of the post Fuse SOP's grid is not 100% safe. LineQuantize.hipnc
  11. Right angle curve

    Very interesting but this is very similar to the Fuse SOP (Snap/Grid) method which gives 45 degrees angles. I'm looking for a method that gives only 90 degrees angles.
  12. Right angle curve

    Something like this, yes. But with fixed step size and in 3D space. My concern is exactly about finding an elegant way to do this. All method that i've find until here are totaly crazy and give me a lot of nodes. I really hope that someone can give me a simple method for that!
  13. Right angle curve

    Nop, I would like to be able to transform any curve to a curve that contain only straight lines following one of the 3 axis.
  14. Many lines in 1 primitive

    Good day, I'm looking to combine many attached primitives lines in 1 primitive. A Fuse SOP let primitives as is. The Sort by vertex order remaped with a single Line using a point SOP work only in a continuous line case. Any ideas? Thank's
  15. Many lines in 1 primitive

    Good to know, but as far as i've tried, Join work pretty well for my purpose. My main concern was firt related to point numbering. If you don't know what input you are dealing with, it's very hard to number points in a correct way without knowing about the geometry structure.
  16. Many lines in 1 primitive

    Exactly So simple, Thank's!
  17. Delete inline points

    Good day, I'm looking for a way to delete inline points from a polygon line. Thank's,
  18. Delete inline points

    Good trick. Really thank's
  19. Delete inline points

    I've just find a solution. Using a Facet SOP with Remove Inline Points. Sorry for that
  20. Delete inline points

    Not really, I want to delete every points that are alined in a polyline. The polyline can be complexe. RemoveInlinePts_01.hipnc
  21. Point Slide along edge

    Good day, I'm looking for a simple way to slide a point along an edge, in a nodal way. Thank you,
  22. Point Slide along edge

    Cool, It do the trick! Thanks a lot.
  23. Point Slide along edge

    Ok, you need also to change the pointnumber to give a neighbour. Why do you use neighbour rather than simple constant then?
  24. Point Slide along edge

    Exactly ;o) Thank you, I'm not use with VEX, could you show me how to do this with other point than 0 ? Is there any simplest way using SOP node ?
  25. 1 year of SOP playing.

    Hi Teapot, http://www.bulcy.com/zwayFiles/Files/MosaicExample.hipnc Here is a little exemple of the "Lego" model using your favorite's one. It's one the the simplest method, Enjoy,