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  1. Hey Alvaro! Here is a very simple way to track a transform that it has been defined in sops or at geo level. I hope it helps! Cheers, Alejandro RnD_copy.tansformation.v1.01_aeb.hiplc
  2. Moana Island Scene [Dataset]

    Amazing Work Atom!!! Thank you very much for all the info!!
  3. grouping particles inside pop advect volume

    Hi, You can create a group, testing the speed of the sampled velocity. So particles with a speed threshold below some value get out of the group. Cheers, Alejandro
  4. Swirl Pyro Equivalent

    I'm working on something related to art direct the swirly motion of gases; Its an implementation of a custom buoyancy model that let you art direct very easily the general swirly motion of gases without using masks, vorticles, temperature sourcing to have more swirly motion in specific zones, etc. Also it gets rid of the "Mushroom effect" for free with a basic turbulence setup. Here are some example previews. Some with normal motion, others with extreme parameters values to stress the pipeline. For the details is just a simple turbulence + a bit of disturbance in the vel field, nothing complex, because of this the sims are very fast (for constant sources: average voxel count 1.8 billions, vxl size 0.015, sim time 1h:40min (160 frames), for burst sources, vxl size 0.015, sim time 0h:28min). I'm working on a vimeo video to explain more this new buoyancy model that I'm working on. I hope you like it! Cheers, Alejandro constantSource_v004.mp4 constantSource_v002.mp4 burstSource_v004.mp4 constantSource_v001.mp4 burstSource_v002.mp4 burstSource_v003.mp4 burstSource_v001.mp4 constantSource_v003.mp4
  5. Flip river question

    Hey Ezequiel! No hay problema!! El grupo es porque, al usar los boundary layers hay un reeseding (o creacion dinamica de particulas) en la zona de padding, asi que se debe crear un grupo o definir un atributo para asi diferenciar las particulas justo antes del reseding; Asi al transferir attributos solo las nuevas lo recibiran concervando asi el color sin sobreescribirlo en las particulas ya existentes. Saludos, Alejandro
  6. Flip river question

    Hi Ezequiel, Here is a simple mod that I did to your file for you to see a method to transfer color to the flip sim that is using the boundary layers option, just go inside the flip solver! I hope this helps! Alejandro flip_issue_aeb.hip
  7. Creating Uvs for viscous flip sim

    Hi, Here is the hip setup for the vimeo video about the icecream sim with uvs; Its a very old setup (5+ years). Nothing over-complicated here, not always you have to do Black Magic to solve complex things! I hope it helps! Cheers! Alejandro icecream_vimeo_v001_to_share.hip
  8. How to create voronoi curved surface (no inside group)

    I think a displacement shader is the way to go! So you could use the voronoi pattern directly on your shader to use the center of each voronoi cell and the distance, then use that gradient as your displacement factor to give a concave or convex shape to your main object. In sops you could do the same, but you need a lot of subdivision to accomplish the same as in shading stage. Cheers, Alejandro
  9. Ubuntu 18.04 LTS "Bionic Beaver"

    I had updated 2 workstations 2 weeks ago aprox! And no problems so far! Cheers! Alejandro
  10. Hey Ronald!! Un gustaso ver tu archivo!! Haces muy buen uso de la aplicacion en temas de transformaciones!! Felicitaciones!! Saludos desde Colombia!! Alejandro
  11. Vectorfield in DOPS to affect Fluidsim

    Here is the correction for the file! The problem was that you were using copy mode in the gas calculate, you need to add this pump to your velocity, but also you need to take care with the substeps, that's why I activated also a linear scale multiply mode for the pump to then scale all by the scene FPS. I recommend you also that's is better to use ad-hoc fields (temporal data), it has memory advantages just cleaning that field but also the creation time when dealing with heavy data, for this try to use a gas match field instead. Cheers, Alejandro vectorfield_fluidsim.hipnc
  12. Random link of interest

    Nice TensorFlow + Houdini Clues!! https://qiita.com/takavfx/items/f27cd76604e902199c9d
  13. Particle advection

    Hi, You have many options, one of the them is to just post-sample the smoke density to adjust your particles, for example using the density sampled data to mod you pscale, color or alpha; Or you can sample dynamically the smoke density at the advection stage to for example trigger a custom age to decay your particle attributes. its all up your needs! I hope this helps you! Cheers, Alejandro
  14. Particles along surface

    This method uses the function you want to learn about it! And the nice thing is that is very simple to implement. Of course you need also to implement the goal using forces or modifying directly the position to attract to the surface plus this, and because we are saving the delta, all points will always stick to the rest sampled position. Cheers! Alejandro particles_on surface_aeb.hiplc
  15. Happy 10th Birthday Od[force]

    Congratulations!!! The best Odd forum!