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  1. Particles like krakatoa

    Thank you very much old school.
  2. Particles like krakatoa

    Hi!! Thank you very much for the examples old school!!! Why in your example, the $NX and $NY should be negated in the creation of the custom attribute vector ptN to correct the position of the specular highlight, if with the default normal orientation the highlight works fine for the shading of that sphere when is renderer without "render as points"? Thanks and sorry if this is a silly question.
  3. Stereo Chauliodus Loop

    Here is the YouTube Link to the video: Hi!! Animated with houdini CHOPS; i have created an interface for the procedural animation of the fish; The jelly shader is done with VOPs, extensive use of gather functions for the reflection, refraction and volume effect; A custom Seeliger illumination loop for the incandescence effect. Thanks
  4. Texture Based Emission

    Here is the example with the values from the texture to control the density. PS: I found that is better to work in this case with a volume sop, because it don't need to rebuild the volume every frame, is more fast in this special case than isooffset sop. Fluid_ImageSource.hipnc
  5. Texture Based Emission

    I want to share my approach for emitting fluid from a sequence of textures. To control the emission with the textures values, you can then transfer the point color to the fog volume with a volume vop. Fluid_ImageSource.rar
  6. Where Are You Now?

    I´m from Cali - Colombia, but currently I'm working in Bogota - Colombia. I'm the only one from Colombia right now?
  7. repeat the beautiful explosion

    Can you post the file of the Tornado, it's look really really great.
  8. "ri_worldpreinclude" usage

    A hip file with blocking geometry work flow. prman SSS Blocker Workflow.rar
  9. "ri_worldpreinclude" usage

    No Problem!! Here is the hip file. prman SSS.rar
  10. "ri_worldpreinclude" usage

    Hi!! Yes it works also for rendering sequences. Sorry for no explain how to use the otl's. For the otl's to work properly, first you have to create the basic parameters for your material, these are (bakesssrop, bake, write point clouds, read brick map)img#1, for the bakesssrop string parameter you have to choose in the string options the correct type of string, is "a list of objects" and "then any rop".(you don't have to use the bake parameter, is for the bake rop, but that parameter need to be expose); promote your parameters at material level and then create the prman sss rop and put the material direction in the sss material parameter of the bake rop; put the bake sss direction in the bake sss rop parameter of the material, put the corresponding direction of the point cloud and brick maps in the material; put the out point cloud direction in the ptfilter tab of the bake rop only, and finally create a standard renderman rop and connect them below the sss bake rop and hit render from the renderman rop. img#2
  11. "ri_worldpreinclude" usage

    I have two HDAs that i have done to automate all the tasks to do SSS in prman. SSSotls.rar
  12. RenderMan and Ambient Occlusion

    I recomend that you visit those sites www.fundza.com, www.alan-warren.com, are very usefull; and the answer for the implementation of ambient occlusion are there. By default houdini ships with the function in the form of a node in VOPs, but if you don't find an especific function you can use the inline_VOP, yesterday i had implemented a point cloud base SSS from the prman docs, is very easy with the great tools that houdini give to us in VOPs.
  13. Houdini and PRman display driver

    But the driver that comes with houdini for renderman is only for 32 bits right? it work also in win 64? Thanks.
  14. Aliasing and Image Planes

    Try the premultiply node, it let you use a divide operation too.
  15. Hi!! Can you post a hip file that contains the necesary parameters in the renderman ROP for the baking process (pointclouds or shadowmaps)? Please!!! Thanks.
  16. Attribute transfer

    Hi!! You need to sample the velocity components from the velocity vector field of the DOP simulation with a VOP POP. Look at the Advect tool from the Drive Particles shelf, is a great example for something like this.
  17. iray

    Great News!!!! We are now seeing the beginning of the end in the CPU usage for rendering.
  18. Tutorials Poll

    Hi I have vote for Shading and rendering advance, i will like to see tutorials related to shader writing in vex. Also i have vote for RBD & Fluid Dynamics advance to see tutorials that explain for example the creation of a fluid, smoke, RBD solver from scratch. Thanks.
  19. Hi How can i transfer for example color attributes to a volume primitive for rendering? i did try with a sphere, convert in to a volume primitive, create 3 "name" att
  20. caustics

    Hi!! You can go to the gear and edit the rendering parameters, go to mantra folder an under the PBR folder search for "Allowable Paths". Now you can have caustics without photon maps.