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  1. hot 1.0rc9 for h11.504 compiled

    Hi!! The HOT_Ocean_Eval vex node of the HOT.otl, have vex compile errors and doesn't work; Someone have the same problems? Thanks.
  2. hot 1.0rc9 for h11.504 compiled

    Hi!! Please post it in the exchange forum of SESI. Thank you!!
  3. Hold $F

    CHOPs are the way.
  4. More ICE Awesomeness

    i'll Love to see that kind of speed and interactivity in Houdini.
  5. houdini 11 vs. houdini 9.5

    Its a shame that some operators in H11 are more slow than 9.5.
  6. Houdini 12 Wishlist

    More Viewport speed with high poly models; Currently is very slow to do a selection in a dense model even with a QuadroFX 4600!!!
  7. L-system plants

    Hi!!! Why you make the pause with Houdini L-systems?
  8. Houdini 11 opengl probs

    Same here using Quadro FX4600, tested with the latest drivers (258) and rolled back to 197. When i play with smoke sims, the viewport stick to some frames during the playback.
  9. Index Field

    Hi!! Its possible that someone explain to me, what exactly does the index field in a gas calculate microsolver when two fields are processed? in the help says that the index field stores the object id, but i don´t understand what exactly does. Thanks.
  10. Smoke effect

    For the blend part you can do a blend shape like effect with volumes with the help of the volume mix, or a custom volume VOP.
  11. burnout simulation

    Thanks; It will be a great case study.
  12. burnout simulation

    it's possible that you share the example file? Thanks:)
  13. Index Field

    I have notice that you have grouped points directly with "wildcards" inside the group parameter of the point sop to select the points with negative values, i didn't know that this can be possible....Great!!! @vs<0
  14. Index Field

    Thank you very much!!!!
  15. Index Field

    !!Solved!! The index field stores property values like temperature, collision, velocity, etc; fetch from the object with help of a gas build relationship mask node.
  16. motion vectors buffer?

    Hi!! In the houdini exchange are an HDA for this.
  17. why use renderman monolithic shaders?

    Is not impossible; You have to look at the Co-shader feature of RSL, and many other improvements to the language, its awesome the amount of performance and flexibility that you can have with the new RSL.
  18. why use renderman monolithic shaders?

    The RSL 2.0 is a great update to the language, is more power full and flexible.
  19. Volumetric Clouds Poping

    Hi!! I can see in the video that the volume shader in not use the rest field of the sim to stick the noise, maybe that´s your variation problem.
  20. Mine Explosion WIP

    Hi!! You can use a Gas VOP to modify your velocity field.
  21. smoke topic

    Wowww!! Those hda DOP's should be part of Houdini very soon.
  22. Particles like krakatoa

    Thank you very much old school.
  23. Particles like krakatoa

    Hi!! Thank you very much for the examples old school!!! Why in your example, the $NX and $NY should be negated in the creation of the custom attribute vector ptN to correct the position of the specular highlight, if with the default normal orientation the highlight works fine for the shading of that sphere when is renderer without "render as points"? Thanks and sorry if this is a silly question.
  24. Stereo Chauliodus Loop

    Here is the YouTube Link to the video: Hi!! Animated with houdini CHOPS; i have created an interface for the procedural animation of the fish; The jelly shader is done with VOPs, extensive use of gather functions for the reflection, refraction and volume effect; A custom Seeliger illumination loop for the incandescence effect. Thanks
  25. Texture Based Emission

    Here is the example with the values from the texture to control the density. PS: I found that is better to work in this case with a volume sop, because it don't need to rebuild the volume every frame, is more fast in this special case than isooffset sop. Fluid_ImageSource.hipnc